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Welcome to 1xBet https://bk-1x-bet.net/. This is a Russian betting company. At the moment, we are looking for a specialist in positioning the project manager. Key core skills: · Project managemen... + details
优惠来袭王子277561com即可获得68采斤详情咨询在线客服优惠来袭王子277561com即可获得68采斤详情咨询在线客服 + details
With the tool postman please create a rest call in order to create a tag on an aws cloud watch alarm. This is the link that describes the API of the tag resource action of an alarm: https://docs.a... + details
Taxi booking web app Google maps integration React js Sign in / sign up system for drivers and users really simple just for a school project Need it for next thursday (december 5th) + details
This is an IoT project We must add user data management synced with Mongo Atlas. On this task, a simple register page will be neccesary to add. And I mustbe capable to manage data at mongo Atlas (u... + details
Need to develop a micro site for a specific product. Need to be able to develop it so it can run along with the main site with an easy to update front end user interface for marketing staff to pos... + details

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