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Quantity Surveyor needed for quoting of large scale BQs for projects over RM300k. Need an expert that is able to study electrical drawings and identify electrical components that needs to be quoted... + details
Design a shoe or shoe line for working professionals that include and not limited to waiters, and office workers. The shoe must be non slip, trendy and ergonomic. + details
I have experimental data of seismic analysis of RC columns. I want you to draw energy curves ( hysteresis loops ) on excel using dynamic analysis results from Drain 3DX. + details
I need the Draftsman for the E&M fitting out project, mainly for electrical and HVAC. We have a fitting out project in the Science Park looking for the Draftsman to create the BIM for the Electric... + details
I need an engineer to electrically reverse engineer a common engine sensor and to generate a report on the test results. Engineer must have access to a lab to run test setup and test measurement eq... + details
We are trying to design a circuit for electrical stimulation of muscles that generates an electrical current of biphasic waveform. Your task will be to draw the schematic for the electrical circuit... + details

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