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We provide payroll outsource services. We would like to create articles that relate to our business. For example, Feb is approaching, articles that relate to Filing of FORM B to to Inland Revenue B... + details
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Step 1. We will give you a link of some of our client's blog posts (traditional chinese, Japan travel content) Step 2. Rewriter will do a basic research and edit the out-dated information of the po... + details
We would like to have a monthly write up about our project(s) or our new products for our monthly newsletter as well as for our website project reference. + details
All I want to write chapter two in my research paper and my research is about internet of things and its impact on small and medium enterprises + details
We are looking for a professional writer in the field of Mathematics and Engineering, more so Number theory and cryptography is preferable. The author will write 3000 to 5000 words research paper i... + details

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