Sebastian Mendez - Deputy Real-Time Executive Virtual Assistant for Asset Management, Finances, Taxes, Recruitment, Budget, Payroll & Management

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Note: This position is available for fast track hiring, and can start immediately.

Hi, we are the FQN CommUnity Network, a social organization working to build community and help transform the world to be in better balance and harmony. We are a bottom up collaborative organization that empowers all members to participate in decision making including our hiring process. As leaders in our organization, our goal is to work towards collaborating with organizations and businesses across the world to help transform our society to be in balance, by building new economic, political, and education infrastructures.
In the short term our primary work is operational, accounting, asset management and financial support to just build a functional organization. We need people who are committed to seeing the world transform to improve individual people's lives, and to do the hard financial and operational work foundational to any organization.

All workers are required to speak fluent professional english, and work collaboratively as a team during real-time scheduled sessions multiple days per week. The Position is required to be able to work directly with the CEO, Executive Committee, Financial Managers and the HR Board in a beneficial capacity to follow through on top priorities including finances, taxes, asset management, recruitment, budget, payroll and worker coordination. The position is Real-Time and so you have to be available to get on conference call for audio connection, and do screen shares over the internet during daylight hours in the Americas.
We are hiring multiple Deputy positions to fill multiple time slots and backup positions. The time the position will be active is 11pm-2am UTC, which is 7am-10am in Manila Philippines. There are also need for an hour before and after that time depending on the day.
Additionally you will need to be available 1-5 times per month for Global Sessions that can happen at all times of Day or in the middle of the Night.
In addition to Deputy Positions, we are hiring for 6 other Teams as well, although our priority is the Deputy Positions for fast track hiring. Assets & Cryptocurrency Management, Outreach Recruitment & Multimedia, Budget Finances Taxes & Compliance, Session Support, Decision Making Support, Global Pandemic Networking.

Benefits to Join FQN:
You can work remotely from anywhere in the globe.
Choose your own pay rate and you can change your pay rate at any time, Note: Pay Rate changes take effect 6 weeks after Full Moon.
Offer overtime (1.5x)  and Double Overtime (2x) for night work as we have sessions at all times of day and night
You can work as a team, communicating and working with the world for good Causes
As a start up social profit organization, you build ownership equity within the workers organization and the network as we do good for the world the value will increase.

Paid Maternity & Paternity Leave
Cover costs of coronavirus testing, and out of pocket costs related to coronavirus treatmentment, and paid quarenteens
Opportunity to build up backpay Benefits gradually on your involvement. For those who accumulate Back Pay Benefits, you get . . .
Paid Leave, Paid sick leave, Paid vacation leave, Twice per Year Bonuses, Paid Health Support and Expenses etc…
FQN pays agreed upfront amounts for money in the bank to cover monthly personal expenses. Any and all costs of money transfers, fees, exchange rates, and even taxes can be reimbursed. Additionally we reimburse additional costs of doing work including travel, internet cafes, and differences for internet costs for working with FQN.

You get paid for any and all hours related to FQN work including Meetings, internal work, client work, as well as communications, emails, skype messaging, worker organization and any other time you spend interacting with fqn or fqn workers.
We have a 30 hour work week, which means for all hours over 30 hours, you get overtime equity and valuation on all additional work, with options for output bonuses if you are actually completing tasks and responsibilities.

If you want to apply for this job, please send us a direct message, and make sure to mention that you are interested in the Deputy Position so that you can be fast tracked and start immediately. Note: Because our hiring process requested budgeting communications, and interviews outside of Workana, it seems that to follow the workana policies we will have to hire you to complete the interviews and budget process outside of workana, before you are actually included in the budget. Therefore we need to make sure it is clear that you would be hired temporarily to complete the budget process, and then if you are approved int he budget, you would be month to month and paid through Workana based on workana policy.
This is done using the direct pay within workana. The position requires a minimum of 10 hours per week, but obviously we are looking for people to work a lot more, part time, or even full time, or even overtime. There is lots of work to do.

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