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We need a Full Stack Developer able to manage existing sites and create Brand new with his own design-functionality skills according to the request. Html5 + css php js (if you're good on react/ vu... + details
Project Description: eCommerce website with local payment gateway integration for subscription box on food ingredients / food recipe. + details
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What the deliverable is: R code to download scraped data from website. Data should dowload in CSV format. Website is generated with PHP and needs to have user select year, month and day from dropdo... + details
The website https://www.niddk.nih.gov/bwp has a Javascript code that takes a handful of inputs and processes them to give a handful of outputs. The idea of the project is to reverse engineer the ja... + details
I recently started a company that provides Microsoft in Education training for educators. Would like to advertise the various courses that we could offer to school teachers and principals. + details

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