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- apps can store membership point for members - can make purchases and redeem point - live chat - membership account - apps must be have in Apple Store and Google Playstore + details
I have a Fitness Studio which I am interested in developing a mobile app that can compliment my business. the App should have features such as Timers, stopwatch, Workout Videos, Workout Programs, ... + details
Settle the sosial media post something like brochure, illustration, invitation card, banner. So I can improve my photoshop skill + details
I already have the bitcoin faucet system setup, what I need is a developer that puts this system on an android app. The project has to have the user dashboard, the cashout page, and the main page, ... + details
We are a startup company, and we are seeking a programmer to help us to build a app, which can be a hybrid app. If you can finish the app in months, then we give you half month bonus for you. Pleas... + details
App where a person can post a “Looking for” request and where freelancers can bid at what price they can provide that service. This is restricted via location as I want to target condo owners withi... + details

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