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We have a corporate Video and we need logo animation for the below video at 23 sec and to close the video. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9eqh1b07tv16k32/ChatFood%20V4.mp4?dl=0 Font: https://fonts.goo... + details
I want to create a 8-sec video as a pop up on our website. I will provide a few videos from istock but need you to edit and string them together as one with some texts inputted directly on the vid... + details
Maybe a week will have 1-3 videos to edit, mostly I do gaming video and sometimes unboxing sneakers ,the average gaming video length is below 1 hour I need it to be 30-50 minute long btw my channe... + details
I have a video that needs sound enhancement to make the voice more clear and to eliminate or minimize the background noise so the conversation in the video is clear. + details
Make Some Chance Of our videos..Video will provided u just put some text in it.As Example we Give you fews videos which are different lenght,all u need do make it to one videos with some te... + details
My client is Kidney specialist so he would to create an Animation Video to show it in his clinic . The video idea is to show the water is much better to drink than the soft drink .he wants to sh... + details

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