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Looking for someone located in Munich, Germany for assistance with market research - taking photos of food supplement products available in major pharmacies, drugstores, and other retail chains. In addition, also putting data from photos in excel sheets is a part of the task.

See an example in the attachment type of information/pictures required (done in Singapore).

Category: Admin Support
Subcategory: Market research
What is the scope of the project?: For more than one product or more than one country
Is this a project or a position?: Project
Required availability: As needed

USD 250 - 500

Freelancer job of scanning and documenting a specific segment of the high quality food supplement market in Germany. This includes taking photos of products and putting data from the photos into an Excell spreadsheet. The output is a complete Excell file and a folder with photo files.
Requirements are written below and also in the attached Excell sheet.

• photos should be taken in at least 5 different major pharmacies, or specialized stores/drugstores (DM style) – major selling points of high quality food supplements. Supermarkets or smaller local stores with lower price and lower quality products are not of interest – we are looking for the upper half of the price range.
• Photos should be sharp (readable) and contain the front of the packaging, back of the packaging (where ingredients are stated), brand (company) and price
• data from photos should be put into excel with the columns filled out in latin characters: company, product name, health area (beauty, gut health, immunity, cognition etc.)
, Price, product format (syrup, drops, sachets, tablets, capsules, softgels, gummies, etc.) Quanitity (no. Of capsules or sachets or 30 mL etc. ) Selling point name (store name), selling point type (pharmacy, specialized store, drugstore), name of photo file
• We want to obtain no less than 300 different product entries from at least 50 companies/brands.

• We are interested only in food supplements (not pharmaceuticals or food)
• The included products should be targeted at one of the following health areas: iron supplements, immunity, prenatal (pregnancy), urinary tract, sleep, cognition, stress, vision, menopause, other women's health, fertility (but not impotence), bone & joints, pain, liver, cardiovascular. Priority should be given to the first 4 listed health areas and all iron products should be covered.
• Products that should be left out: sports nutrition, weight loss, energy, beauty, probiotics, and effervescent tablets
• It is very important that the top products and top companies in price and quality are covered.

• In at least 5 different selling points you should not only take photos of what is available on the shelf, but also go to the pharmacist/employee and ask if there are any additional iron supplements available behind the counter (not displayed) and document them as well. Also ask which one they would recommend and mark this in the last column.

Category: Admin Support
Subcategory: Market research

USD 250 - 500