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Eu sou Kamilla Franco, trabalho na Workana há 5 anos e atualmente sou Account Executive. =)
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2 years ago

Market Research enterprise client

Buscamos para um de nossos clientes um Market Reseach do Brasil que tenha nível avançado de Inglês.

Trabalhará no desenvolvimento, tradução, administração, seguimento e interpretação de entrevistas que serão realizadas com, aproximadamente, 50 perfis de TI (perfis Sênior e Júnior).

Dentro do projeto, o freelancer trabalhará com a criação, tradução, administração e interpretação de uma pesquisa mais ampla sobre a demanda potencial do programa a desenvolver, assim como a estrutura e as características do mesmo.

Habilidades necessárias:
- Bom interlocutor;
- Bom avaliador;
- Experiência em pesquisa de mercado;
- Experiência em análise de dados;
- Ótima comunicação tanto em Português quanto em Inglês.

Não esqueça de enviar sua proposta e anexar o seu Currículo, LinkedIn e/ou Portfólio.

Category: Admin Support
Subcategory: Market research
What is the scope of the project?: For more than one product or more than one country
Is this a project or a position?: Project
Required availability: Part time

USD 15 - 45 / hour

2 years ago

Recruiter enterprise client

Hi everyone!  For one of our customers in Workana we are looking for a Recruiter based in Brazil or deeply familiarized with the Brazilian culture.

**About Us**
We are a new financial group backed by private equity and its principles.  We target a rapidly growing and underserved segment of the market with an innovative suite of financial products.  We are an expanding team with staff scattered across the globe.

**Objectives of this Role**
-Work closely with the rest of the team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s needs for this position, and meet goals and expectations.
-Identify individuals with deep industry expertise who display the ability to use their own strengths in professional business and would be interested in helping others with less experience grow their own professional careers.
-Identify individuals who are new to their role as a freelance professional or solopreneur and are interested in growing their professional expertise through the guidance and mentorship of a fellow industry professional
-Seek out opportunities to create an open dialogue with professionals to build networks of similarly minded experienced freelancers or small business people and foster communities of practice within the group
-10-15 hours a week for at least the next two months.

**Required Skills and Qualifications**
-Strong written and verbal communication skills in Portuguese and English.
-Screen resumes and prospects, qualify, interview, and manage candidates throughout the interview process from prepping before interviews to assisting with final offer negotiation
-Interview potential candidates for coaching using standard behavioral questioning against a scale of compatibility for candidacy in the role of coach or mentor.
-Use rubrics and interview models to determine candidates for secondary screening
-Experience recognizing business experience and acumen beyond simple technical knowledge of the potential candidate’s profession or professional training
-Experience with behavioral interviewing techniques to draw out a candidate’s natural ability to show and use empathy, listening skills, non-violent communication techniques, or other qualities as identified in the candidate rubric
-Follow up on interview process status and update records with the team
-Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and decision-making skills
-Advanced knowledge of MS Office, database management, and internet search
-Proven experience conducting various types of interviews (i.e.,

Phone, video, etc.)

If you are willing to participate in the project, please send us your CV and your rater per hour.

Don´t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions


Workana Team

Category: Finance & Management
Subcategory: Recruiting
Is this a project or a position?: Project
Required availability: Part time

Over USD 45 / hour

Hi everyone!  For one of our customers in Workana, we are looking for a Human Talent Business Partner based in Sao Paulo.  It must be fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and/or English

Note: This is a long term full time position

*About the company* 
A technology startup present in Colombia, Mexico and soon in Brazil. The platform offers mass consumption products at direct prices from manufacturers to independent businesses such as neighborhood stores, liquor stores, mini markets, etc.
Our purpose is to create bridges between middle and low-income people who are looking for better alternatives for buying their essential goods.

*Objective of the role*
As a Human Talent Business Partner, you will have the mission to be a strategic facilitator between the actions of management and employees for the successful implementation and execution of human resources policies and initiatives in the different business units of the company.

*Main responsabilities*
-Manage and guarantee the attraction of talent from the vertical in charge.
-Implement and promote initiatives that impact the talent retention, commitment, and professional development
-Coordinate with other People and Legal team members to ensure timely and error-free management of key touchpoints of the employee experience (job security, leave management, hiring and firing, etc.)
-Bring your expertise in career planning, feedback, diversity, performance management, compensation and rewards, employee relations, learning and development, and more.
-Develop and implement strategies and initiatives that contribute to the improvement of key Human Resources indicators (Absenteeism, accident rate, turnover, job demands, and coverage of vacancies), in order to have a stable headcount to achieve business objectives.

-Strong problem solving and questioning skills, ability to work in a deadline-driven environment, attention to detail and ability to multi-task
-Demonstrable ability to lead work teams, and manage staff.
-Ability to work autonomously
-Communication, adaptability to change, agile learning, negotiation, customer service and creativity.
-Professional in business psychology or related studies In talent recruitment for the different lines of business, for a minimum of 4 years.

-Certified experience of at least 2 years as a Human Talent Business Partner in preferably e-commerce technology companies.
-Bilingual (Portuguese - Spanish  or English)
-Be based in Sao Pablo - Brazil, preferably having been born in Brazil

Category: Finance & Management
Subcategory: Other
Project size: Large
Is this a project or a position?: Project
Required availability: As needed

USD 1,000 - 3,000