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Freelancer Carlos S. R.

"Gran persona, muy atenta y colaborativa en el proyecto."

Perú Carlos S. R. Hace 5 años

Proyecto Zend
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Hace 4 años

Montar un Cdn

Queremos montar un CDN en nuestros servidores de centros de datos distribuidos por el mundo, para que le sirvan los archivos al cliente desde la ubicación mas cercana a él.
Hace 2 años

Web marketing

Category: Sales & Marketing
Subcategory: Business Plans and Market Strategy
Pretendo pagar por la totalidad del proyecto finalizado.

Category: Admin Support
Instalar, configurar openstack en un servidor y crear una serie de servidores virtuales que se pueda trabajar con ellos desde fuera del sistema.

Category: Admin Support
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed
Habilidades requeridas:
Hace 2 años

Experto en Openstack

Instalar Openstack en un servidor con Centos 7 instalado. Crear 10 servidores virtuales en Openstack, cada uno con Centos 7 instalado, tener acceso a los servidores virtuales desde Internet.

Category: Admin Support
Time required: From 5 to 20 hours
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed
Habilidades requeridas:
Hace 2 meses

Cambios en Openstack

I added other HDD on a RAID 5 so, the RAID has more TB space. But Openstack doesn't shows the changes. I need Openstack shows me the changes (TB added) on the dashboard.

The server has a MegaRaid SAS 9280-24i4e controller. I need to setup MegaRAID e-mail alert.

There is a RAID 1 made by 2 1Tb SSD, so the RAID is 1TB, in this RAID1 is where are build some virtual servers. What I want to do, is change the RAID to a RAID0, then the RAID will be 2Tb, but I want to keep one of the virtual servers, because we are working on it.

Change two keys user and remove one user. Create 2 user more as a admin. Make sure the changes don’t affect the system.

Find the way to replace the OS HDD for a SSD. I can clone the drive.
Upgrade Openstack to Queens. (There is a virtual server we are working on it, so make sure after upgraded the virtual server is working)

I would like to know if the server is installed on a right way. I can send you the documentation I have (in Spanish) and let me know you opinion.

Now I am waiting for some hardware, surely I get it next week, so because the server is in a Data centre quite far from I am, will be great if before a go there I know everything I need to take with me.
KVM if enable (Dell Remote Console Switch Software).

Let me know your budget.

Categoría: IT & Programación
Subcategoría: Otros
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