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Preciso de um designer com experiência em Blender para converter imagens 3D exportadas do Unity em .fbx para arquivos .obj com as especificações abaixo. Todos os modelos estão prontos, só preciso fazer a eportação do Unity para .obj. Os modelos estão no Unity e já foram exportados como .fbx. Preciso de alguém que exporte no Blender a partir desse .fbx para arquivo .obj com os detalhes abaixo:

Transparency is not inverted.
2. The right .mtl file is imported.
3. Object is not merged and is on its normal condition.
4. Camera is headed to (Z) axis direction, so make sure all the objects are facing user interface.
5. Each square has fixed dimensions, W (0.9cm) * H (0.9cm). So, make sure all the objects are not exceeding W(0.8cm) * H(0.8cm).
Note: Don’t forget to freeze the axis before scaling any object to avoid object stretching.
6. Don’t exceed (0.5 cm) for any object height.
7. All objects should be cantered (transformed) in viewport to (0, 0, 0) XYZ (check your attribute manager). Check if the object axis is centred and aligned well to the points centre.
8. Move to modify the object axis to object YX (0) point to align the square surface and to avoid sinking into the playground square.
9. Follow the following material editor settings before exporting:
A. Colour brightness is full
B. Texture is loaded correctly into colour tree and assigned to the material
C. Diffusion, Luminance, Transparency, Reflectance, Bump, Displacement, and Alpha are off
10. Textures should be assigned to each material if the object has many.
11. When you are exporting, use (default presets) and make sure you maintained the following settings:
A. You are exporting .OBJ file
B. UVs is original and not flipped
C. Normals is vertices
D. Resolve N-gons are not checked
E. Invert transparency is not checked
F. Material is consolidating textures
G. Object has no animation
H. UTF-8 is unchecked

Category: Design & Multimedia
Subcategory: 3D Models
What do you need?: More than 6 pieces
Is this a project or a position?: Project
Required availability: As needed

USD 100 - 250