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Chip Emv Software

EMV-Chip AND pin software.

Card EMV / EMV ISO-7816 & amp; Smart card Java Software Engineer n & amp; Programming & amp;
Electronic Engineers & amp; Microcontroller & amp; Cryptography.

Look what I need:

PIN Project I need a software with wich I can just read the PIN for a smart card (one card Bank) wich can be a SDA or DDA card. As everyone knows, the Chip & amp; PIN cards or called EMV Bank Card
The PIN is the chip, how to extract the PIN, I really do not & amp; acirc; & euro; & Trade ;! n t know that I have two smart card readers / writers and I have a software (Java EMV Reader) so I know and
understand some data there & amp; acirc; & euro; & Amp; bar bar; WARNING: If anyone can provide a software with which I can find the PIN for a bank card or DDA SDA, the software should not be a demo and should
work for at least one year, pay for this project: Smart Card Read / Write Project

I need a software with wich I can read all the data from a smart card (bank card, DDA or SDA), than copying the same data, than writing the same data on a blank smart card; Software.

Should include all write options: cryptographic and
dynamics etc.

If you understand what I need, I paid for this project:

 I need a device, a microcontroller, you can do the following things: Copy, store the SIM data
an EMV ISO-7816 Bank Card,

 The data that have been stored must be downloaded with software (to be included) record and store the PIN which was also entered a PIN Pad; The microcontroller must have small dimensions.

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