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We are India based Chartered Accountant with experience in managing accounting for small and medium scale enterprises. Our team can assist in payroll processing, daily financial accounting and financial planning and analysis, cost accounting etc.
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Freelancer José G. P.

"Excellent client. Very clear regarding his expectations he is patient and friendly,  and his treatment is very professional"

Costa Rica José G. P. Hace 5 meses

Portuguese Certificate and Employment Background Verification
Freelancer José G. P.

"Excellent customer and excellent communication too he is very clear with the delivery times"

Costa Rica José G. P. Hace 6 meses

Background verification for Employment and Company Research
Freelancer Marcela B.

"Excellent client. Very clear on what he requests, his treatment is patient and friendly. It will be a pleasure to continue working with him."

Argentina Marcela B. Hace 9 meses

Spanish / Portuguese Educational / Other Certificate Data Verification
Proyectos abiertos
We are looking to hire freelancers who reads & write at least 3 to 4 of the below languages :

1) English (Mandatory) – Advanced level
2) Spanish
3) Portuguese
4) Italian
5) German
6) Dutch
7) French

We have simple to perform, internet based research work for negative information for Companies/corporates and their related Directors or management etc

Each such assignment comes with requirement to perform internet based research for specific negative information published on internet in specific language. Each of this assignment will have 3 or 4 different subjects on which research is required. The tasks are very simple and straight forward. We make payment for successful completion of each assignment with 3 or 4 subjects.
We are willing to pay USD 3 for each individual subjects of the assignment. So an assignment with 4 subjects will be paid USD 12.
Time taken to complete research on each subject may differ and depends upon the relevant information available on internet. On an average each subjects may take about 1 to 1.5 hours each.

Person who is good in web based research, know how to make advance google searches, has good internet connection and laptop and knowledge of MS Office Word will find the work very simple and straight forward. Depending upon the freelancers talent and comfort with computers, the time taken can vary.

The freelancer can expect many such small tasks/assignment each day and depending upon the quality delivered, this can be a long term assignment. On an average ~ 30 assignment can be expected each month once the person is comfortable. Please note that each such assignment is subject to strict timelines and we expect the freelancer to meet delivery commitments. Training, where required, will be provided.

When you apply, please mention the below:

1) How many languages do you read and write (atleast 3 to 4).
2) How many hours can you spare each day for work
3) Academic qualifications
4) Past work experience
5) Current occupation
6) Your acceptance above mentioned payment for research on each subject.
7) Describe your ability to perform advance google searches

Category: Writing & Translation
Subcategory: Others
Project size: Medium
Is this a project or a position?: Long term position
Required availability: Part time