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Simpsons a family

Freelancer Rayssa B. Rayssa B. 10 months ago

"He needs to get better on the feedback and process of the project."

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Private project

Private client Last year

"Great work as usual"

About me
Hello my name is eko, I am a fulltime freelancer from Padang, I work on a of Design, Mural, and illustration works, more or less 6 years and very happy with Music, Games and Films especially cartoons, Providing inspirations in the work and activities of painting exhibitions until currently.
Work history
Freelance Experiences
- 2010 My first job was to design a school uniform shirt
-2011- 2016 Working in a small studio called "Rumah Rumpuik Creative Studio" for Creative Work, handicraft products and production houses
-2013 My first job was making Murals in one of the coffee shops "RIMBUN COFFE, KUBIK COFFEE, LALITTO COFFE"
-2015 I am working on a mural for Interior StudioYoga "SAVANNA YOGA STUDIO"
-2017 Working on Work for a Bakery "Tomodachi Bakery And Resto"
2019 Work on "ELLEN GYM's" Murals for zumba gymnastics
-2017- 2020 I started my career as a freelance full-time employee online