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Published on the January 07, 2022 in Engineering & Manufacturing

About this project


The charge of designing and innovating a portable child seat. Since the object has been meticulously engineered for years, we face a challenge to create and innovate so the object has the ability to become more convenient for the user. A search
for an extra accessory proved harder than it looks due to the fact of the simplicity of the seat.

Conceptualizing multiple ideas in addition to sketching we analyse every possible idea we can add
to make the object more user-friendly. After that, it is imperative that we choose the best solution
through the use of unbiased and thorough performance tests. In the final analysis, we finalize and
unanimously agree on all the decision-making process and arrive at a conclusion.
Last step, we
debug any hidden errors we have so it is a hassle-free and smooth-working object.

Project overview

The aircraft company now faces a safety problem which causes customers worry about bringing children for a flight due to the increasing number of aircraft accident recent years. This project approached this problem based on the theme of ‘Things in An Aircraft Cabin’ and came up with a kid seat design solution called the Portable Kid Seat. The product mainly targets customers who bringing children under 12 years old for a flight. Portable Kid Seat also features other functions that makes it a practical object in a small space of aircraft cabin. By applying related engineering design knowledge, the design of the Portable Kid Seat has gone through different phases of design process and finally modelled by using CATIA into 3D product model.

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