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An electric scooter

Published on the January 17, 2022 in Engineering & Manufacturing

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Electrical vehicle (EV) is common nowadays due to ease of usage and power management. Unlike internal combustion engine (ice), ev is conveniently used inside buildings due to no harmful gas emitted.
Therefore, to help people move things conveniently inside buildings, develop a 3-wheel electrical scooter using the given parts.
Your scooter must able to carry a single person (up to 100kg) and able to carry load (up to 50kg) and the carriage area should be at least 400mm x 400mm x 400mm.  In CATIA V5

system must consist

1.      Chassis (to put the hub motor(a), tyres(b), and battery(c), etc)
      Steering/Handle system
3.      Stand space for the rider
4.      Proper location of battery and controller
      Carriage to put goods
6.      Brackets, nuts, screw additional parts necessary to complete an electrical scooter
7.      Safety
need screen recording start until finish in catia

for the report (ms word)
report format
Introduction, Problem statement, Objective, Scope (1-2 pages)
2. Idea generation
3. Methodology
Parts Drawings (orthographic + isometric + dimension), Full assembly and exploded view drawing + Bill of Material (BOM)

Category Engineering & Manufacturing
Subcategory Other
Project size Small
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed

Delivery term: January 21, 2022

Skills needed