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Published on the September 13, 2017 in IT & Programming

About this project


Platform developed in mvc asp 5.0 database already created
Description of platform:
Platform for consultation of economic and financial information with the following functionalities:
1.- Welcome page to the users with an infographic and a descriptive video, said page has a login through google or facebook (These login obligate to give like and share), a login to neymann and a registration option to neymann
 1.1.- External login takes you to a page of free functionalities
 1.2.- The registration of users leads him to register his data and to options of membership
 1.3.- Login with account takes you to your personal page according to your account type or contracted services
2.- Of the types of accounts
 2.1.- There are standardized services and personalized services
 2.2.- Access to services is determined by fields in the database through tblLnkUsuariosRoles and UsuariosRoles (tables inside database)
 2.3.- At the moment of creating a new service this should define its level of access through tblLnkUsuariosRoles and UsuariosRoles
3.- From the personal page
 3.1.- It is a personal personal page with links to your services and the administration of your account.
4.- Interoperability
 4.1.- Example of fibonacci function in other languages ​​like python, php or some other language inside the platform to test interoperability
5.- Coding
 5.- Must have comments of type: param:: param:: param:: return: as: cat1 = Finances:: cat2 = Business Finance:: cat3 = financial engineering: and that type of comments to be able to grep and draw a description of each function to be able to create documentation automatically

  1.- It must have encryption and security in the accesses through a vpn and through the encryption of the data for the users with payment account.
  2.- Must have clean Ips library (not seen if done with asp or php, ie mvc)
  3.- Of the libraries:
   3.1.- They will be classified by categories (currently the main ones are: Personal Finance, Business Finance, Public Finance, Project-oriented Finance, but there will also be secondary, tertiary, etc.) And bookstores need to be classified in one several of those categories through the tables tblRnk tblLnkUsuariosRoles
   3.2.- Of the libraries identified so far:
    3.2.1.- Financial Engineering (vpn, vf, annuities, etc.) (Primary Category - Personal, Business and Project Finance Secondary Category - Financial Engineering)
    3.2.2.- Risk analysis (Primary category - Business Finance - Secondary category - Risk analysis), here may be different methodologies
  3.2.3.- Analysis of financial statements (Vertical and Horizontal) (Primary category - Business Finance, Public Finance)
  3.2.4.- Economic models: Exchange rate
  3.2.5.- Econometric models: Linear regression.
   3.2.6.- Data mining (in both javascript and C #) Quandl Yahoo Google finance Inegi Denue
  3.2.7.- Investment analysis CAPM
  3.2.8.- Analysis of own data. Classification of companies by zones (delegation, city, state, country, etc.) According to (turnover, sector, size, sales, profits, risks, etc.) Of classification of users by zones of agreement to (profession, education, income, etc.) Use of database (high, low, query, maintenance [sort the table in a new one but with ordered fields]) User administration and profiles (high, low, consultation, maintenance) Account administration (date of payment, amount of payment, promotions, permissions and access)
  3.2.9.- Notification Notification to users through alerts (with neymann branding, with user branding) Notification of users via SMS, email, alerts through the browser, alerts to a possible mobile app, etc.
  3.2.10.- Importing files Aspel Contpaq
  4.- All functions must be documented in the database and a GUI is required to access such tables tblCategories and tblFunctions
  1.- Must have the branding of Neymann (logo created, but front-end for all the views needed)
  2.- It must be secure in communication and access to data
  3.- You must have at least, but not limited to, the following sections:
   3.1.- Login
   3.2.- Forums
   3.3.- News
   3.4.- Payments
   3.5.- Account Management
   3.6.- Contact between users
   3.7.- Contact with Neymann
   3.8.- Jobs section (As in IT companies)
   3.9.- Contact with specific partners of Neymann (directory)
   3.10.- Specific functionalities defined in section 3.2 of the backend
  4.- Must have the branding of the user in the UIs along with the one of Neymann
  5.- All functions must be documented in the database and required

Category IT & Programming
Subcategory Web development
What is the scope of the project? Create a new custom site
Is this a project or a position? Project
I currently have I have specifications
Required availability As needed
Experience in this type of projects No (I haven’t managed this kind of project before)
API Integrations Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Payment Processor (Paypal, Stripe, etc.), Other (Other APIs)
Roles needed Designer, Developer, Project manager, Business analyst, Design a landing page

Deadline: January 29, 2021

Skills needed

JavaScript AJAX C# HTML5 Java

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