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Catalogue with all natural stone that the company works (granite, marble, quartzite), including a section with the projects (cut-size). + details
Redesign of product brochure, which includes re-writing/updating text contents and new pictorial illustrations. Total about 12-15 pages. + details
Transform the legal landscape and provide world-class material for your firm, with disrection and high-class collateral. + details
Hi. I need a cover done for my Music Single. The photo is already done and attached, what I need is for the Song and Artist name to be added and some graphic editing to be done for it to look a bi... + details
We are looking for someone to design a course in powerpoint format. The length of the course is 16 hours (approx. 200 slides). Deadline 31 Dec 2019. + details
I'm in need for a team, for my Youtube channel, the channel will be a Tutorial channel as well as a another channel for Photo and Video Vlogs, and it will be on multiple social medias like twitter,... + details

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