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Le Wagon - 9 weeks Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp

Publicado el 19 Enero, 2018 en Programación y Tecnología

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USD 100 - 250

Le Wagon es un bootcamp de desarrollamiento web full-stack rails presente en 26 ciudad en 20 paises a traves el mundo. 
Llevamos conocimientos tecnicos a emprendedores y personas creativas.

Buscamos a desarrolladores para ser profesores, remuneraciòn diaria entre 2300 y 4500MXN segùn perfiles.

Profile :

You have between 1 and 3+ years of experience in Rails
You speak english and spanish fluently,
You love teaching code and have natural leadership and pedagogy,
You are used to working with startups,
You have a "lean approach" and like to code meaningful MVPs,
You are very confortable with git/Github and collaboration techniques,
You love clean code and refacto without being an extremist of TDD,
You are not reluctant to frontend dev & design and you are up-to-date in frontend development. You think great products also come with great design. You master Bootstrap and know how to use it properly,
You are familiar with Sublime Text, Github, Slack, Trello, Waffle..

Mission statement : Coding teacher

Between batches : You will prepare and run coding workshops on topics such as:

Code a landing page in 2 hours with Bootstrap
APIs for beginners
Git and Github
Web components in CSS
Technical workflow in startups
Javascript for beginners
We will give you all the material (slides, youtube videos) to help you prepare and run these workshops.

During the 9 weeks coding bootcamp :

During 3 to 5 days a week, you'll teach programming and web-development to a class of 10 to 20 entrepreneurs learning ruby, html/css/javascript and ruby on rails.
From time to time, from 8:30am to 9am (30min) : You will do a quick recap of past day key learnings
From 9am to 10:30am (1h30) : You will make a lecture on various topics (ruby basics, Database & SQL, Rails, frontend). We will give you slides and videos to prepare.
From 10:30am to 5:30pm (5h30) : You will help students on their coding challenges. Most of the time, students will be autonomous (when they read challenge's instructions, try to understand what they have to code and implement a first solution). Still, they will need your help when they don't understand an error or some important concept.

From 5:30pm to 7pm (1h30) : You will make a live-code to correct new challenges with the class projecting your screen on the wall.
At the end of the bootcamp during two weeks, you will help students code their MVPs (define their user-stories, split tasks, collaborate on Github with their team, and ship great products). Here is a testimonial of a Paris teacher (now working for Intercom). It will give you an idea of what the job looks like (https://medium.com/le-wagon/9-weeks-teaching-at-lewagon-new-entrepreneur-coding-school-in-paris-d72a3daae7c7).

Categoría Programación y Tecnología
Subcategoría Programación Web
¿Cuál es el alcance del proyecto? Cambio mediano
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Actualmente tengo No aplica
Disponibilidad requerida Según se necesite
Experiencia en este tipo de proyectos Sí (He administrado este tipo de proyectos anteriormente)
Integraciones de API Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Payment Processor (Paypal, Stripe, etc.), Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), Otros (Otras APIs)
Roles necesarios Programador, Otro
Otros roles necesarios Desarrollador Full-Stack

Fecha de entrega: 11 Febrero, 2020

Habilidades necesarias

Ruby on Rails

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