Preparar propuestas conceptuales de video para briefs de clientes

Evaluando propuestas
We're looking for creative director(s) that can present up to 3 creative proposals for some of our client briefs.

We'd like to experiment with increasing the amount and diversity of proposals we send to our clients.

The proposals must be completed as treatments and delivered in powerpoint that includes graphic design that is aligned with the project.  It should also include:

Step 1 – Treatment Summary
This is your elevator pitch to get the client’s attention and make them want to read on. It should briefly but clearly describe a condensed version of your video concept in a sentence or two.

Explain the main themes or ideas that the video will communicate, and why/how that works with the brief.

Step 2 – Style Summary
Describe the look and feel of your video proposal. Focus on what’s visually exciting and compelling about your video concept. Talk about staging, location, lighting, hair and makeup, use of color.

Talk about camera moves, pacing and editing – and how this effects the overall feel of the video, as well as any technical information. Paint a picture so the client can imagine the look of your video. Then…

Step 3 – Attach Visual References
Now that you’ve described the style of your video, show what you mean.

Add links to moodboards, images, videos – include as much as possible to help the client understand the tone and visual style you have in mind.

To sum up:

– Be professional, communicate clearly
– Treatment Summary: your “elevator pitch”
– Style Summary: describe the look and feel
– Style examples: moodboard, images, video

Proposals must be in english, or we're open to negotiate the cost in case it's in another language and we are responsible for translations.

Contract workflow:
- we will provide our clients brief
- based on the requirements, the creative will provide 3 proposals, described in the form of 3 short paragraphs.
- We will choose one from there
- the chosen idea will then be prepared as a full document based on the specifications listed above.

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Tamaño del proyecto: Pequeño
¿Es un proyecto o una posición?: No lo sé aún
Disponibilidad requerida: Según se necesite

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