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Brazilian Voice Talent and Publicist.
In 2002 I recorded my first professional audio commercial and since then my recordings add value to many brands in national and international productions of advertising, narrations, corporate presentations, localization, apps, trainings, web videos, games and many others.
Effort and commitment to quality are united to a professional, reliable, friendly and natural voice.
Warm and involved for narrations, assertive and confident for presentations...
Soft, happy and seller for advertising...
Captivating and enchanting for children...
Versatile to perform many different characters and caricatural voices: cute, funny, sexy, stylish, enthusiastic, silly... whatever you need.

Recording in Brazilian Portuguese and English with Brazilian accent.

My main clients include Walmart, J&J, Veet, Kinder Ovo, HP, Google Apps-Qi Network, Samsung, Bayer, S2 games and others.

I work from my own studio in Brazil offering great sound quality and the best cost benefit of the market. I also provide skype session to follow recordings for direction if necessary.

Looking forward to connect with audio producers, video producers, voiceover professionals, actors, freelancers, translators and other professional on the field who may need my services or just want to share experiences.

Thanks for passing by!

Contact me at
Skype: nadyalocutora
Historia laboral
Nadya Schwingel
Brazilian VoiceOver Talent and Publicist.
Worked for many years as voiceover talent, radio host and commercial agent at radio stations in Brazil. Since 2002 my voice adds value to many brands in local, regional, national and international productions. Professionalism and commitment to quality are united to a reliable, friendly and natural voice.
Recording in Standard Brazilian Portuguese and English with Brazilian accent.
Main clients include Walmart, Monange, Bepantol, Veet, Kinder Ovo, Grupo Boticário, UFSM, Grupo Conasa and Google Apps.
Bachelor Degree in Social Communication with a minor in Publicity and Advertising - UFMT 1996; Advanced English in American English - USA 2001;
Post disciplines in adult education by IFMT MT - 2009;
Feedback Course Professional Communication - Ricardo Silva - SC 2012;
Voiceover Workshop Advertising - Antonio Viviani and Nicola Lauleta SP - 2013; Technical course actor - Aktoro (attending ) 2013;
Voiceover Training and Speech training – Espaço Renoir – 2014;
Writing and Journalism Advertising/ UFM ;
Management Media / FM Band - SP
Travel Market Research and Real Appreciation / UFMT ; Applied Neuro / Lair Ribeiro - SP
Human Motivation and Development / Lair Ribeiro - SP Technology in Human Management / MT Secitec Leadership and Coaching / MT Secitec
Assembly and development of courses / MT Secitec Human Development and Work Team / MT Secitec Among several others .
Since 2002 : Voice Over Services from my home studio. (With other activities)
August 2010 to April 2011: Freelancer VO and Professor at WIZARD - LRV - MT , BR.
Teacher of English and Portuguese. Translator and Interpreter , night time.
Announcer in my own studio.
2008 to 2010: Freelancer VoiceOver and Owner at ALQUIMIA IMPORTS - AF - MT , BR.
Owner working in all areas of the company , experience in retailing imported . Import and Export on a small scale. Marketing , Sales and Advertising in various media. Announcer/VoiceOver in my own studio.
2004 to 2008: Professor at TECHNICAL SCHOOL CEPROTEC ( IEF ) - AF - MT , BR
Teacher in the areas of Marketing , Sales, Human Resources , Motivation , Social Psychology , Language and Human Development . Chief of courses in public speaking and communication. Host for educational events.
Development of education and evaluation skills .
Professional advice and referral to the labor market .
Office of Communications unit .
2002 to 2007: Publicist, VoiceOver and Host at FLORESTA BROADCASTING ( BAND FM / AM FLORESTA ) - AF – MT, BR. Commercial Manager Band FM , Customer Service, Sales , Promotional Actions. Creating marketing campaigns. Announcer and host.

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