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Soy una persona comprometida con mi trabajo, tengo ideas innovadoras, me gustan los desafíos y nuevos proyectos que la empresa donde pretendo trabajar me pudiera proponer ; tengo facilidad para relacionarme con las personas, me gusta trabajar en coordinación con las diferentes jefaturas, no tengo problemas para trabajar bajo presión, me gusta enfrentar los obstáculos que se presentan y mi misión en todo empleo es llegar a cumplir los objetivos de la empresa y de mi equipo de trabajo.
Historia laboral
Samtec Panama (2011-2015)
Occupation/Area, Experience: Three years working as Inventory Assintant and promoted as supervisor assistant based on job performance.

Samtec Panama-Inventory Assistant. Responsible to support shipment, receiving stock and issuing raw material and general maintenance materials, supplies and equipment, ensuring, maintaining inventory and stock records.
•    Developed and implement site inspection programs, aimed at physically locating and checking each material in the sector/region at a regular interval.
•    Updating information into the data and inventory management system on material status along with their location through Codification/item description.
•    Monitored incoming and outgoing Inventory materials, and immediately update the data inventory management system.
•    Properly verified materials received with quantities and specifications against purchase order/waybill documents.
•    Ensure that all assets are properly maintained and looked after. Any mis-use and abuse is reported and keep the Logistics Manager updated on the status and issues related with assets.
Experience as Jr. Supervisor: Promoted from Team Leader to Supervisor in October 2014 based on job performance.
•    Managed the day-to-day tactical and long-term strategic activities within the business.
•    Maintained high levels of partner satisfaction by ensuring product quality and on-time shipments.
•    Recruited, interviewed, trained, supervised, motivated and evaluated employee performance.
•    Ensured that shift was fully staffed with trained personnel in correlation with the number of machines/lines that were in operation for that particular day/week.
•    Maintained close communication with shipping clerk and logistics to make necessary adjustments to ensure on-time shipments and to maintain "good standing" with customers.
•    Dealt with and resolved employee issues including safety incidents, disagreements between employees, and last minute decision making.

APAC. Customer Services (Jun 2015 - Dec 2015)

Abilities: Oriented to customer service, technical support and sales agent.
Experience: Six months working as a sales and technical support agent to Dell Latin America and Caribbean.
Capacity of: Problem solving skills and customers problems resolution, selling brand products.
Capacity to work under pressure, teamwork and customer satisfaction.

•    Diagnosed and resolved technical hardware and software issues involving internet connectivity, email
•    Provided answers to clients by identifying problems, researching answers and guiding clients through corrective steps
•    Handled trouble tickets with support interventions for urgent issues
•    Identified and escalated priority issues per client specifications
•    Guide the customer through the install of programs like performed PC Tune-Up's, Antivirus and Hard drive backup package.
•    Give technical support Dell’s computer hardware, give a solution to customer’s issues, give service and support to other teams of the brand.
•    Responsible for providing technical support via phone, via email and chat rooms.
•    Responsible for keeping customers informed of new developments.

•    Experience: 6 months working as agent customer service, sales support and Dell, APAC project.
Sitel Panama. Customer Service and collections (Jan 2016 - Jul 2016)

Abilities: Worked as customer service and collections agent over the phone.
Experience: 6 months working as agent in Panama SITEL, as a collections and customer service agent.
Tracking capabilities and problem solving skills, oriented to customers satisfaction and customer persuasiveness.
Responsibilities: Making collection services for a foreign bank, persuade customers in order to reach payment arrangements and providing payment options to give a resolution to customer issue. Providing collection service over the phone.
Responsible for keeping customers informed of new developments.
Ensure order and the work area and place destined for materials.
Provide support in other areas, when needed.
Experience: 4 months working as agent in Panama SITEL.

Sales promoter Pioneer Latin America. (Oct 2016 - Nov 2017) Product Promoter sold and promoted different products and brands.
Experience: one year working as a sales promoter.
•    Presented information to consumers with an already designated marketing strategic plan.
•    Having the product knowledge to give the right information to client.
•    Created an atmosphere of interest and expectation.
•    Execute the promotion strategies and sales impulse of the commercial units according to the guidelines established by the management.
•    Maintain in good condition and privileged location the spaces and exhibition points  negotiated at the store.
•    Promote the sale of products with the final consumer highlighting their benefits.

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