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Sobre mí
I'm 36 years old. I'm married and I have a child. I've been working with language consultancy since the period I spent in Paquistan, where I used to attend woman and children housed in a refugee camp in Nasir Bagh -Peshawar in the meanwhile as I wrote my final University project. Since then I've been trying to collect a sum of productive results out from the students I've come across throughout 13 years of exprience. As a graduated sociologist I began to take part in tranlating projects. I have been associating both activities (teaching and translating) since 2002 and the outcome was the development of new methodologies and academic appliances which, in my view, has given people I work with, a different perspective as to the way they learn and apply their skills in accordance to what they wish to meet.

Thank you for our time.
Historia laboral
Nasir Bagh refugee camp in 1999;
Francis King School of English 1999;
Escola Paulista de Inglês 2001;
wise up 2004;
KENT traduções e metodologia 2005;
UFSC Universidade de Santa Catarina 2009;
TV GLOBO 2010; (atual)
S.A. O Esctado de São Paulo/ Agencia Estado;2011
In Press Porter Novelli 2012; (atual)

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