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I like to learn new frameworks and development tools to improve constantly my development skills. I am a front-end and back-end developer. I'm a web scraper expert, and an AngularJS Expert, I use Yeoman, Gulp, Bower to develop front-end applications, also I test the apps using Karma + Jasmine for Unit testing and Protractor for E2E testing. I use Travis as a platform for Continuos Integration. I use Git as a version control system. I am learning the new standard ECMAScript 6 using babel js, in an application built with React JS.
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* inQbation Labs (Internet): Desarrollador Backend y frontend

* Expediente Web: Platform used to organize courts documents. Lawyers pay for scanning documents created by local courts. Using this platform lawyers can learn everything about a legal issue from the comfort of their offices. RESTful was used, Angular.js (client side), a template made in Bootstrap, and Codeigniter.


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