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Hana C. T.

I'm painting the roses red.

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I'm a geek. Which means that I'm quite passionate about a lot of things. And when I'm passionate about something, I won't stop until I've learned everything there is to know about it!

I'm also love to try and learn new things, meaning I'm open minded and - if there's a skill that you desire your employee to have that I don't yet have -, I'll promptly go after ways of learning and mastering it to make your project happen. I'm a quick learner!

My thirst for knowledge is endless and so is my dedication to projects and brands I believe in.
Historia laboral
2016: Graphic Design student at UAM
2016: Content and Comunnity Manager at Cinema na Mesa
2015: Content and Community Manager at Foodpass
2015: Game Designer at Mobster Mayhem Mystery
2015: Designer and Room Operator at Logic Locks
2014: Event Producer and Content Manager at Changing the Face of Education - Raising the Bar
2014: Student at Knowmads Business School
2014: Content Writer and Publicist for "MOJE Eventos e RP"
2013 : Community Manager for the tech startup "Kekanto"
2013 : Body Piercer at "Iritsu Tattoo Shop"
2012 : Product Photographer for the website "Airu"
2007 - 2012 : Actress in numerous plays and musicals
2011 : Hostess and Entertainer for multiple parties and events
2008 - 2011 : Production and Show Operational of the annual "International Carmel Dance Festival" (Festival Carmel de Dança Israeli)
2005 - 2006 : Freelance writer for the newspaper "Folha de S. Paulo" and member of the "FolhaTeen Support Group"

Always : writer, blogger, gamer, social network heavy user, pop culture maniac, rpg player and avid reader.
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