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Hi! My name is Kevin, a graphic designer graduated from de National University of Colombia with passion for my work and experience in Videogames: (Character Design, Concept Art),  illustration, Corporate Identity / brand design and  Photography.
Historia laboral

Universidad Nacional de Colombia Feb 2012 - Jun 2012
Illustrated book for foregin students, made with the welfare divison of the University (Universidad Nacional de Colombia).

INPORT May 2013 - May 2016:
(Logo Design / Promotional material / Corporate Identity / Advertising)

I worked on creating brand / corporate identity along with manual, Illustration, Brand Logo and advertising, my experience improved because a lot of feedback they gave me during all the period of time.

FORMAQ S.A.S Feb 2014 - Mar 2015:
(Product Brochure / Photography / Promotional Material)

-I Collaborated on photographic work for the subsequent creation of a brochure, aimed at a convention for  the metallurgic sector. As well as promotional materials for their products such as banners, and some redesigns.
(PD: Formaq is a metalworking sector company dedicated to the foundry and manufacture of parts of materials for various industries)

ALEJA Y EL CEREZO (animated shortfilm):

Joan Avendaño (graduation project for him) Feb 2015 - Jun 2015
Worked for this album as a Background designer for every shot on the film, made some character redesigns and learned how to proper team work, it was a blast!

The project whose main objective was to show a functional scheme for animation production in Colombia, managing a budget to have a team that can generate enough quality end result. and submit on time the goals presented by the team before the judges.

KANAZÚ S.A.S Apr 2015 - Nov 2015
Yipao (videogame)

Character Designer / 3d texture designer / key pose designer (of animation) every car in the game (except main design / key poses for the protagonist) for a racing game named Yipao. Also I designed some of the textures for the toy line produced by Kanazú.

ROCK WAR, - Artista fondos, character designer - 2016 Videojuego (Unreleased)

Proyecto de videojuego, desarrollado grupalmente, (versión prototipo)

- Diseño de personajes, principales y enemigos
- Colorización digital y división del personaje para uso posterior de esqueleto de animación
- Trabajo fotográfico de referencia para posterior creación de fondos.
- Edición y Creación de fondos de escenarios

JACKALOPE JOINED YOUR PARTY S.A.S (2015-presente) - Co-Fundador:

Character designer, background designer, animador, prop designer, concept artist
Empresa de videojuegos y creación de aplicaciones digitales con enfoque internacional, y estándares de calidad en sus productos.

Children of Durkhar (En desarrollo):
- Pixel Tile designer
- Character Design director
- Pixel Art illustrations
- Animaciones en pixel de trampas

Jackalope Hunters(En desarrollo):
- Tile, Props designer
- Backgroung Desing
- In-Game illustrations
- Animaciones de trampas y de props

Momo Momo (En desarrollo):
- Background design
- In-Game illustrations
- Assistente de producción

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