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The marketing promotes product and service, the administration receives that utility and widens the profit, which directly influences the demand
The responsibility of both, is also the reflection of the exhausted behavior of the market and the correct administration of the resources
Marketing is not determined as unique, if there is no real administrative catalyst and a true comparison.
jmnz tllr.
demo workshop & pro. achieving autonomy, expanding the capacity and techniques that are needed to adapt a current trade.
Dynamic platform in Administration, which allows a wide resolution in tick environments within the firm!
jmnz tllr.
Historia laboral
Since 1994 in the department of promotion of magazine process; achieved to develop unique perception of the different variants of the market that have as a relationship the trade and allow dynamics with inherent in I.C.T.

Comfort of outbound with relation in routes, normalization, confirmation of appointments, tech support, data management or search, transcription or translation in real time.

Availability to confirm real-time locations and camera and editing equipment.

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