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Programador web frontend reactjs

Freelancer Raul C. Raul C. 3 weeks ago

"acepta trabajos que no puede hacer y al final renuncia, te hace perder el tiempo"


Implementar login en front Next.js con Api Laravel

Freelancer Andrés V. Andrés V. 27 days ago

"Excelente, cumplió con el trabajo solicitado dentro del tiempo acordado, además se dio el tiempo de revisar un error que tenía que ver con mi entorno local."


About me
I am an enthusiastic developer who loves building Web & Mobile applications using React.
I can help you building both of iOS, Android and Web App for your start-up business and update existing apps by adding new interactive features at affordable rate.
Goal-oriented Mobile and Web development dedicated to high levels of customer satisfaction with good communication, sensitivity, creativity.

Main Stack:
- React/React Native Web & Mobile App Frontend
- Laravel API, Node, Express, CI, WP Backend
- Android Native
- Firebase
- Real Estate, Coin, Stock API

Technical Skills:
- Paypal, Stripe, Merchant Payment Gateway
- Coinpayment, Coinbase, Kraken Restful API
- Polygon, Transak, IEX Stock Restful API
- Google Map, Geofencing
- Advanced Javascript, ECMA-6
- Strong Redux / Hook / HOC
- FireStore, Real time Database, Social Media
- RESTful API Integration
- GraphQL, Apollo
- Node.js, Express
- Laravel API, Core PHP, MySQL
- HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
- Pixel Perfect, Responsive, XD to GUI

Please feel free to contact me.
Best regards.
Work history
May 2017 ~ July 2020
RW Group - Mobile and Website developer.
Test Status
HTML 5 Intermedio
CSS Básico