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Soy un Ingeniero en Electrónica con especialización en Mercadotecnia y Maestría en Calidad. Tengo cualidades analíticas y orientación a resultados.

Mi experiencia incluye trabajar con empresas de diferentes tamaños, logrando integrarme a equipos de trabajo y mantener un enfoque en los objetivos del proyecto y de la empresa.

He trabajado varios años en el desarrollo de canales de venta nuevos y renovación de los existentes. Soy apasionado de la tecnología y la mercadotecnia, lo que me permite crear vínculos entre las áreas técnicas y comerciales, y muchas veces fungir como enlace entre ellas para lograr un entendimiento común.

Soy curioso y me gusta mantenerme actualizado y motivado con nuevas metas. Esto me llevo a empezar a aprender portugués como cuarto idioma.
Historia laboral
I was promoted to Corporate Communications in Telmex, the goal was to integrate all loose intranets – more than a hundred different information sites – into one Corporate Intranet; we end up reengineering the area, to include all kinds of real time interactions within the intranet, including a sales rep tool to update information and customer videoconferences for service related needs, all along with physical and traditional channels already in operation.  As a manager I had more than 35 people reporting to me locally, plus teams in nine regions in Mexico and in five countries in South-America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Brazil).  Among the benefits of this re-engineering, we reduced the operating expenses by an average of 5% for 4 years in a row. 

Later on, I was responsible for the Telmex eCommerce platform.  When I took the online store, sales were less than $2,000 USD and the average delivery time was more than two weeks.  After nine months, sales reached more than $1 million USD and delivery time was reduced to three days.

El Economista – a Mexican financial daily – invited me to collaborate in the implementation of their new digital platform.  There I was responsible of the operation, marketing, and sales of their digital offer.  That meant that we had to generate content to compete with their own printed version – in terms of relevance and timing – without cannibalizing the subscribers’ base.  We developed a social media strategy based on Twitter that allowed users to be aware of relevant news in real time, but let them expecting their morning paper to look at the details.

I have experienced the start-up culture.  For more than eight years a friend and I ran – on our own time – an online flower shop.  Algo Especial (algoepecial.com) was a pioneer in e-commerce in Mexico and we were the first “real” virtual store in Mexico.  All process and marketing was online and we established an outsourcing partnership with some of the must important players in the flower retail business allowing us to have an almost zero inventory operation.  Annual sales topped $300,000 USD by year 2010.  By 2012 we sold the operation to a conventional flower distributor.

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