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About me
Year by year I’ve noticed positive changes in the way I live and relate to others, and this has driven me to realize that, little by little, I’ve learned to do things better each day. Even though things do not always go well, I feel I'm in the right to keep learning and improving each and every day
Work history
* Mutual Aprepa: At Mutual Aprepa I developed a network monitoring system from scratch which is being used right now to take control over the network status.
On the other hand, I'm working on a brand new information management system for the organization written in Python and QT using MySQL as the data store, in favour of a rapid development and deployment as well as the maintenance.

* Freelance: I create custom multi-platform solutions.
I prefer native development instead of any other kind and I like my works to fit the platform they will run in!
I think if you choose Mac, you don’t want your apps to look like Linux ones.
User experience is my biggest goal in every thing I do.
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