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Felix C.

Interpreter at Lionbridge

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El Salvador
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After roughly seven years of working in the call center industry, I'm now proud to say I've made a successful transition to a freelance business. I can finally wake up every-single-day and say "I love my job".

As a consecutive interpreter, I get to help people of many nations overcome a language barrier, and at the same time, I help them resolve a need or a problem. It is a wonderful daily experience where I never stop learning new vocabulary, culture, and interesting facts.

My job as a professional translator has helped me develop a new appreciation for my mother tongue, Spanish. I am always looking for the best quality delivery in my translations, and it is a wonderful deal to share projects with clients of many nations and cultural backgrounds.

Thanks to the skills learned in the call center industry I am happy to be a recruiter and a trainer with my very own project: Abarca Soluciones. I am delighted in meeting new people, new stories, new projects from people in my country and from all over the world.

Let's turn business ideas into business opportunities! Contact me directly, I am happy to assist you!
Historia laboral
* Lionbridge: Handling of consecutive telephonic interpretation. Clients include car insurance companies, private and State medical insurance offices, and customer service call centers.

* Abarca Soluciones: We offer this services to our local and international clients:

2-Consecutive interpretation.

* Upwork (Internet): Offering my services as a professional telemarketer, translator and interpreter for short freelance projects.

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