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Systems Developer, project administration and management, control and security of servers. PHP Programmer, C, C++, JAVA, PASCAL(Delphi), Mysql, Arduino, Microchip PIC, sensors, protocols.

Personal abilities:
Ambition, self learning capacity, Motivation, Organization Capability, Creativity, Dynamism, Efficiency, Entrepreneurship, Spontaneity, Ease of Adjustment, Ease of Learning, Ease of Working in Groups, Willpower, Initiative, Persistence, Proactivity, Sociability.

Specialties: Project and Systems Development
Historia laboral
PHP: 10 years of professional experience as a worker(job). Developed mostly back-end, but i know front-end if needed. Integration modules, payment, API, stock, sales report, e-commerce, CMS, and others.

Worked as developer for making a reader to a sensor of particles in suspension of oil, that showed in the LCD the counter, through the international standardization of particles in suspension, and wrote the readings in a usb stick; Developed an application to read these in the computer too.

My final paper on computer's engineering was an solar generator; It had a solar panel, a battery, an homemade inverter, and a homemade controller, that would control all the systems in the generator, such as power juice left, turning on and off the peripherals(DC->AC, DC->DC), etc

My last project was an intelligent home sensor, which would tell what was the temperature in various parts of my home. I used Wireless(not wifi) communication between the various modules, bluetooth for connection with my phone so i could control through it, wifi module for controlling/viewing the sensor data through the internet, and it had a local control panel too.

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