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I have worked in BPO for 8 years in Credit Card Payment Investigation in an MNC company who was the vendor for CitiBank North America. While I was working in BPO, I had to work on US timing only. After 2016 I started freelancing. So I am willing to work on this role and please share me the information how am I supposed to work for you? I am ready to work for your timing also if needed.

I've been a successful iOS Developer more than 3.5 years and I not only meet but exceed all of the requirements for the iOS projects. I can assure you that, if given the opportunity, we will be successful and you will reap great satisfaction.
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* Self-employed: Currently Self Employed as an iOS Developer
I've been a successful iOS Developer more than last 3+ years and and I not only meet, but I have learnt iOS in a better way from the person who has 10+ years  in iOS development. So my output is 10+ not 3+

All I need some time to make it happen for your requirement as 10+ equivalent result. Why do you want to prefer me?
If the other developers say as they will use this code "let appDelegate = UIApplication.sharedApplication().delegate as! AppDelegate" in iOS Swift, then it is wrong. Because it would make lot of hidden problems (SingletonClass-pitfall) if they preferred the above line of code, then the entire app will be coded differently than the expected better output, that is the issue to created unexpected issues and it will take time to resolve as a day to months sometimes.
I can assure you that, if given the opportunity, we will be successful done and you will reap great satisfaction.
I've come across with many clients after they spent with thousands of dollars, later the project will be dropped on 60% or 70% or 80% or even in 90% by previous developers and then they need to spend another few $thousands again to complete 10% or maximum 40% of the remaining work.
Or they would say “I have lot of bugs and issues with the App and I need tester to figure out the errors and help to be fixed”.
I will also handle the Implementing different SDK/API Like Atlas, Estimote (beacon based), Quickblox (Chat based SDK), Appstax (Backend purpose like Parse), All social media Integration, Location based Services, Troubleshooting Skills, Understand the project requirement and layout management.

Projects: (others having NDA)
KEN-Y Music based app- chat module. app/ken-y/id1153433746?mt=8

Scala Meet (iPhone/ iPad Both):
URL of app: in/app/scala-meet/id1067938997 ?mt=8
you can check out its video over here: v=j5UGDh5FtLM&

* Freelancer iOS Developement
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