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Experience with Cisco IP Telephony, Cisco Unified Communications Solutions, Routing and Switching , Asterisk, and Telephony in general.

Expertise: Unified Collaboration involving a variety of Cisco Unified Communications solutions as well as open source products, such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.x, 8x, 9x, 10,x, Cisco Unified Presence 7.x 8.x 9x 10x, Cisco Unity Connection 10.x, Cisco VCS, Cisco TMS, Cisco Jabber,  Cisco Voice Gateways 2800's, 2900'x, 3900's, AS5400's series, Cisco CUBE, Opensips and Asterisk.
Expertise with multiple voip Protocols such as SIP, H323, SCCP, and MGCP.
Historia laboral
HCL Technologies, Richmond, VA
Remote Voice Lead Engineer
09/2015 – Present
-Assisted junior members of the Engineering team with issues regarding complex troubleshooting cases happening within HCL client, as well as with implementation workshops and post migration unforeseen technical occurrences.
-Created Change Requests for issues that needed to be tested and documented before implemented in the infrastructure.
-Designed a platform called MAESTRO for the voice team. Maestro is an interactive web platform that automatically add and remove Cisco UC Devices into Cisco Unified Call Manager using AXL.

Eyewiz, Charlotte, NC
12/2014 –12/2015

-Design a Worldwide Video Infrastructure using Asterisk and Google Cloud Computing to support custom made android tablets designed to reproduce video.
-Worked with Software Developers to improve Call quality experience while using limited bandwidth.
-Design Video Solution blueprints for each location based on bandwidth, distance within the site and the nearest Google Cloud Computing Center.
-Proving SIP assistance to WebRTC Developers in order to have a successful Video Call between a Desktop webRTC client and an android tablet.
-Designing a Multi-tenant Cisco Voice over IP Incident Management Solution that uses AXL to read and write to Cisco Call Manager and Cisco Unity Databases in order to add/remove devices as well as to maintain a Global Provisioning Consistency with enterprises.

TeleACK, Charlotte, NC
Senior Collaboration Architect
10/2014 – 12/2014

-Creating Collaboration Design Documents for Enterprise level Companies, which involved a variety of Cisco Collaboration Solutions such as VCS, UCM, CUB,  Video and Voice Endpoints
-Providing guidance to Jr engineers during new site deployments
-Creating Testing Plans for new sites
-Developing Training materials for Administrators based on the technology solution deployed.
-Providing with High Level troubleshooting Collaboration assistance to current support enterprise customers

Cisco Systems RTP, NC
Telepresence  Design Engineer for Cisco IT
8/2012 – 10/2014

-Develop IT technical policies, designs, configuration standards and cookbooks for UC and Video technologies for global enterprise deployments involving technologies such as Cisco VCS, Cisco TMS, Cisco MSE Series, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Unity Connection, Gateways,  CER as well as Cisco TPS 8700 series.
-Creating high quality documentation such as UC/V Document designs, Detail Designs Commits, and processes to ensure reuse / succession of ownership.
-Conducting Testing/Certification, Troubleshooting, Deployment of network management technologies for new -technologies, new products, infrastructure, acquisitions, and upgrades.
-Setting up test environments, test implementation strategies, troubleshoot scenarios for new technologies / designs, providing transfer of information or TOI’s to Implementation and Operations teams.
-Creating and documenting implementation approach/ Cut sheets.
- Maintaining documentation/standards, such as Standards / designs / equipment affected by new certified products and others.
-Script and/or creating program tools for the use of the design team or other operational entities in support of the Unified Communications and Video infrastructure.
-Reporting on progress against technical plans; timely escalation of issues and risks.

Cisco Systems RTP, NC
Telepresence Engineer TAC
6/2011 – 8/2012
-Analyzing, configuring and troubleshooting large complex video and voice networks with mixed media and protocols, involving platforms such as Cisco Telepresence Management Suite (TMS), Cisco Telepresence Video Communications Server (VCS Controller & Expressway), Cisco Telepresence Systems, Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) as well as video and voice endpoints such as EX90, C60’s, C90’s, Movi and others.
-Provides consultation to independently solve complex product and network problems for Enterprises as well as Cisco Partners.
-Acting as a focal point for large account network problem resolution.
-Effectively utilizing complex lab setups to duplicate and solve Enterprise and Cisco Partners voice and video problems as well as possible interoperability issues between Cisco Video and Voice Platforms and third party video and voice platforms.
-Troubleshooting large video and voice networks on a daily basis, where protocols such as H323, SIP, ISDN are in use.
-Utilizing Wireshark and SMART in order to analyze output traces from multiple Cisco Voice and Video Platforms and Solutions.
-Effectively working with CA and cross-functional teams to resolve major customer issues.

Presidio Network Charlotte, NC
Sr. Network Engineer
10/2010 – 06/2011
-Collaborating and participating in the architecture, design and staging of government multi-sites deployment, across North Carolina while implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and Cisco Unity Express.
-Meeting with Cisco Unified Communications prospective Enterprise Clients to provide a Cisco Unified Communication Solution for their existing Telecommunications needs. This includes solutions involving Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unity, and Cisco Unified Presence.
-Providing remote or onsite Technical assistance to our active Enterprise Clients with their Unified Communications troubleshooting requests.
-Developing and Creating Detail Design Documents, Network Ready For Use Documents, Administrator and User Guides, as well as, As-Built Documents.

Hewlett Packard / Bank of America, Charlotte, NC
Technology Consultant V / VOIP Solutions Engineering
07/2010 – 10/2010
-Developing Unified Communications test plans as well as designing Cisco Unified Communications test environments for the largest Cisco Voice over IP deployment in the world.
-Executing regression testing of new Cisco Unified Communications products and solutions, these include products such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity, and Cisco Unity Connection.
-Utilizing several Unified Communications Tools such as Cisco Simclient, AXL Browser, NetIQ and others to test performance, capacity and reliability of new Cisco Voice over IP products, releases and application patches.
-Testing multiple Cisco Unified Communications Solutions and Voice over IP architecture designs prior to any Bank of America implementation, integration and/or deployment.
-Working in conjunction with Cisco Engineers and developers to design and/or modify an existing Cisco tool or solution to meet unique Bank of America needs of different users, implementations, migrations and deployments.
-Writing technical operation guides. 

Lance Inc, Charlotte, NC
Sr. Network Administrator
09/2009 – 07/2010
-Administering and managing a Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.x Cluster with several hundreds of handsets with multiple remote locations across the US.
-Redesigning the company's VoIP network from utilizing MGCP protocol at the remote sites to using SIP protocol as the remote site communication protocol of choice.
-Configuring Tail End Hop Off and AAR.
-Engineering, designing and configuring highly redundant remote sites voice gateways using SRST (To provide local onsite call processing routing and dialing to users in the event that connectivity to central UCM cluster would ever be lost or unreachable), ISDN (To provide local Telco access to remote sites), SIP (To provide connectivity from and to UCM as well as access to a remote site VG using SIP protocol in order to be used as a backup Telco access in case the PRI/ISDN connectivity would ever fail), AAR (To provide an automatic alternate routing method to users in case the logical pipes between remote sites and central site would ever become congested or low in bandwidth, MPLS (To allow remote users to have access to our centralized UCM cluster in order to have access to a centralized voicemail system (Unity 7.x), Meeting Place, 4 digit dialing and many other features provided by our central UCM cluster) and VPN (To provide remote site to central site connectivity in case the MPLS connectivity would ever become unavailable.
-Designing and implementing a highly advanced contact center (UCCX) scripts with features such as remote opening and closing, redirect to vm, DTMF capturing and advanced multiple queues.
-Administering and Managing Unity and Meeting Place platforms.
-Serving as Tier 3 support engineer to Site Administrators and the Tech Support Team.

Coleman Technologies INC, Charlotte, NC
Network Engineer
10/2007 – 09/2009 – Full Time
-From preparing an enterprise network for voice over IP to building and configuring multiple types of Cisco unified servers, this will include the design of the network, QOS implementation, installation and configuration of Unified Communications Manager servers, Dial Plan designs, voice gateway's configuration, SRST when requested by the client, and others.
-Experience acquired by performing multiple Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.x and Cisco Unity installations 4.x & 5.
-Installation, configuration and integration of a Cisco Unified Communication Manager 6.x cluster with an existing Nortel 61c PBX system for a 250+ faculty staff of a State Community College.
-Installation and configuration of a Cisco Unified Communication Manager 6.x cluster, with Unity Failover and a Unified Presence server for a 200+ employee religious organization.
-Upgrading a Cisco Callmanager 4.3 cluster with over 400+ users worldwide to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.x platform.
-Assist other local clients with same day network troubleshooting, best practices guidance, or resolution of network down conditions.
-Create detailed design documentation, Administration and User guides as customer deliverables.
-Experience integrating/Networking Cisco Unity with multiple legacy systems, such as Phonemail, Siemens HiPath 4000, Siemens ROLM 9751 and others. 

Apptechbiz, Charlotte, NC
Telecommunications Engineer
1/2007 – 10/2007 – Full Time
-Configuring new dial-peers voice POTS or VOIP as well new destinations-patterns into a Cisco voice gateway 2811 to allow newly provided DID’s to be routed to the company Callmanager 4.1 cluster and or to the Xmedius Fax server.
-Configuring multiple Cisco layer 3 switches, enabling Cisco phone QOS, configuring voice & data vlans as well adding port security when necessary or requested by the client.
-Designed and implemented multiple remote sites for 25+ users, using an existing Cisco Callmanager cluster and their Remote sites MetroE connectivity.
-Upgrading a Cisco Callmanager 4.1 cluster to Cisco Callmanager 4.3.
-Installing and configuring T1/E1 TE120P digium cards
-Installing and configuring TDM400P FXO/FXS cards
-Configuring IVR, queues, inbound/outbound routes, meetme, parking lot and extensions.
-Testing multiple IP phones researching for reliability, sound quality and compatibility.
-Testing reliability of SIP and IAX protocols under different network environments such as testing IP phones behind a firewall, behind NAT and under limited bandwidth

DELHAIZE CORP – Food Lion Salisbury, NC
Telecommunications Engineer
08/2007 – 10/2007 (2 months project)
-Administrating and managing a Cisco Callmanager cluster consisting of one Publisher and three subscribers with over 1800 DN’s and over 1560 Cisco IP phones
-Administrating and managing the company Cisco Unity 4.2 Server
-Troubleshooting and Resolving level 3 voice over IP telecom tickets.
-Providing training to permanent employees of the company telecom department in how to manage, identify problems and resolve level 1 and 2 telecom trouble tickets related to the current Cisco Callmanager cluster and Cisco unity infrastructure.

Lender Nest, Charlotte, NC
Network Engineer, Full time
02/2002 – 11/2006
-Installation and configuration of multiple Linux Servers, such as Apache, Squid and squirrelmail.
-Provided onsite and offsite branch Hardware and Network support, including the configuration of Cisco Routers and Layer 2 Switches.
-Support and Administration of the company VOIP PBX Systems Shoretel, Cisco CallManager 4.1 and ATT Merlin.
-Performing a variety of service tickets involving Cisco 7900 series IP Phones registration problems, call quality and Outbound PSTN Dialing Access.
-Creating new Unity Subscribers, removing subscribers and resetting Unity subscriber passwords.

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