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Oscar G.

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Programación y Tecnología

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Curriculum online : https://www.linkedin.com/in/gonzalezrenato/
Trabajo como administrador de sistemas operativos y redes; especializado en soluciones y tecnologías de código abierto. Me gustan los desafíos, la investigación, la resolución de problemas, en especial las nuevas implementaciones que se centran en la mejora de la seguridad, el rendimiento de las redes y servidores; maximizando la cantidad de usuarios concurrentes según los recursos de hardware que se dispongan.
Especialidades técnicas:
++ Sysadmin
++ Pentester
++ Linux , Windows Server : Administración | Seguridad | Migraciones | Auditoría | Aseguramiento | performance y resolución de problemas.
++ Redes , Diseño, Administración | Aseguramiento | Auditoras | Resolución de problemas | Soluciones personalizadas como Balanceadores de proveedores de internet, VPNs, etc etc
++ Administración de identidades
++ Migración de tecnologías propietarias a soluciones Open Source.
++ Automatización de tareas : Scripting y programación en Linux shell (awk, sed, sh (Bash), python)
++ Large Mail Hosting Environments : Administración | Seguridad | Migraciones | Auditoría | Aseguramiento | performance y resolución de problemas.
++ Análisis, detección y protección de malware.
++ Análisis de Rendimiento, los cuellos de botella, el estudio de caídas del sistemas, diagnostico y resolución de problemas.
++ Soporte Técnico: Linux , Windows and Mac
++ Mantenimiento de Equipamiento Informático: Computadoras | Notebooks | Tablets | Celulares | Impresoras | Monitores
++ Asistencia al usuario final
Otras Habilidades:
++ Habilidades de comunicación
++ Habilidades de trabajo en equipo
++ Habilidades Mentoring / entrenamiento
++ Habilidades para hacer frente a situaciones difíciles / inesperados
Historia laboral
* Universidad Nacional de Salta (Higher Education)

* On Email : Tu solucion de email (Information Technology & Services): Our Story
We’ve developed a wealth of knowledge and experience about email and Zimbra. We’re focused, professional and take a very cautious approach to the management of email data. Our reputation and record speak for themselves.

Who We Work With
In short, anyone who wants to delight their customers with great email services, but without the stress and hassle of running a 24/7 mission critical service. In practice, that includes everyone from Managed Service Providers, IT support organisations and departments to hosting companies, web developers and marketing agencies.

We Prefer Things Open and Honest
We provide watertight security and we guarantee 100% email delivery rates and 99.9% mailbox availability (even though we’ve delivered much higher availability), but we’re always honest about any issues.
You’ll be first to know about any unscheduled downtime or maintenance. You can also say goodbye to spending hours stuck in a call queue and frantically scouring forums for help as our experts are just an email or a phone call away.

Why Zimbra?
Zimbra is a powerful email and collaboration suite which powers over 100 million inboxes all over the world, including our very own. We selected Zimbra primarily because it’s simple, elegant and easy to use, but also because Zimbra’s innovative design allows us to offer a more reliable and efficient service and to integrate other apps for an even better and more productive user experience. All in all, Zimbra adds up to a more affordable and business-friendly service.

* IANUX IT & Security Solutions (Information Technology & Services): As a freelancer I provide the following services:

* IT Infrastructure's Management.
* Network, Servers & Products: Counseling | Implementation | Administration | Audit | Security | Monitoring
* Migration from proprietary technologies to solutions based on free software.
* PBX central phone with Asterisk, VOIP
* Users's centralisation & Indentity Management.
* Linux Trainnig based on LPI certification
* Infrastructure's virtualization with Xen Source.
* Web & Email Hosting Solutions.

More details on my website http://ianux.com

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