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Jorge C.

Microsoft Full-Stack developer

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Entrepreneur, web and mobile hacker, Co-Founder of @TideApp & Ecobici App for WP

Microsoft Technology Stack developer. Information Technology professional capable of analyze, design and develop technology projects from concept to deployment. I have 7+ years of experience using Microsoft development stack technologies. My goal is to leverage state of the art technology, best practices and design patterns applied to new or existing innovative and high user experience software projects to help lead my organization to success through my technical and team management skills.

• Competent in Microsoft C# / F# using the lastest .NET Framework, Windows 8.1, MVC 5, Windows and Azure technology stack
• Development Environments: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
• Platforms: Azure / Windows 8 and 8.1 / Universal platforms
• Patterns and Practices: Model-View-ViewModel pattern with MVVM Light and MVVM Cross, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection.
• Data Bases: Microsoft SQL Server / Azure and Azure Storage stack
• Servers: Azure services stack
Historia laboral
* Gigigo Group (Marketing and Advertising): Windows Phone and Windows RT application development

Development and leading contribution in:
Excélsior WP (Full Dev)
Metros Cúbicos WP (Augmented Reality)
Emoción Deportiva WP (Entrenamiento)
National Geographic WP & WRT (Technology Lead & Dev)
Cosmopolitan WP & WRT (Technology Lead & Dev)
Men's Health WP & WRT (Technology Lead & Dev)
Vanidades WP (Technology Lead & Dev)
Actitud Fem WP / WRT (Technology Lead & Dev)
Televisa Noticieros WRT (Full Dev)
Televisa Deportes WRT (Full Dev)
Televisa Niños WP (Technology Lead & Dev)
PedidosYa / PedidosJá (Technology Lead & Dev)
Meu Vivo Brasil (Technology Lead & Dev)

Azure experience

Síntesis Informativa Backend for Noticieros Televisa
- Using Blob Storage, SQL Azure and Table Storage and Web API
- Development of Web API to feed two iOS applications
- WPF sync client using the Azure services

Televisa Deportes CMS and API

- Web consumer application using SQL Azure, MVC 5 and Web API

Televisa Ventas CMS and API

- Web business application using SQL Azure, MVC 5 and Web API

Televisa Niños CMS and API

- Web consumer application using SQL Azure, MVC 5 and Web API

* Independant: Windows Developer for apps like:
Ecobici App for WP

Experiencie working as freelance, indie developer and entrepreneur working for multiple companies and teaming with people from diverse locations like Mexico, USA, India, Australia and England. Developer using .NET, Azure, WPF, Silverlight and Windows Universal apps

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