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María V. C.

Creo, escribo, corrijo y edito textos en español.

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Costa Rica

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As a creative person, I think it's really important to go beyond the what and the how, and reach the why in order to think outside of the box and innovate. I have learned that an interdisciplinary environment is powerful and can help you to become more flexible. More than just worrying about words, I love to investigate before starting any process because I think stories matters, and when you create a good story you connect with people, but in order to get there, you really need to understand it.
Historia laboral
Text editor, Editorial de la Universidad de Costa Rica, San Pedro, San José. 2018-Present.
Here I have had the opportunity to get involved in the publishing industry as a text editor, where I had learned the importance of details and the process of publishing a book.

Communicator and philologist, Asociación Costa Rica Íntegra, San José. 2017-2018
As a part of collaborative team, I worked in a initiative called, driven by Costa Rica Íntegra. This project was looking for candidates to presidential, vice presidential and deputies positions present three forms for the public consulting. My role consisted in typing those forms as well to improve their content and style in terms of writing. On the other hand, one of my responsibilities was review the information declared of each participants in order to make it public.

Copywriter, Pulse, San Pedro, San José. 2016-2017
As a part of a creative process team, I have had the challenge to investigate and create concepts and connections for the ideation and the development process of projects. Besides this, my role required to write creative content like manifestos, descriptions, scripts, social media content and everything about any text that a project requires to communicate to a public.
Also, I was part of the communication team, and my role was to lead and coordinate with my partners about internal communication and the company's brand.

John Brenes Rodríguez
Asociación Costa Rica Íntegra- Project Coordinator/3de3
Phone: 8898 1417

Isabel Vargas Rumoroso
Fundación Árboles Mágicos- Project Coordinator
Phone: 8834 6579

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