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Finance & Management

Skills (Maximum: 12)
About me
•    Strategy and financial planning experts     
•    Process implementation
•    Staff leadership and development
•    SOX compliances
•    Proficient in ERP
•    Accurate forecasting
•    Data travelling
•    Business Performance improvement
•    Polished communication skills
•    Customer relations
Work history
Financial Statement Preparation Experience

•    Lead the modeling, planning and execution of all financial processes.
•    Execute short and long-term custom comprehensive financial strategies to reach company goals.
•    Measure loan submission based on quality control plans and investor regulatory compliances standards.
•    Research market trends and surveys and use information to stimulate business and revenue growth.
•    Recommended innovative alternatives to generate revenue and reduce unnecessary costs.
•    Strong knowledge of GAAP, IFRS and SOP’s.
•    Prepared financial statements including footnote disclosures.
•    Drafted executive analysis reports highlights business issues, potential risks and profit opportunities.
•    Computed and maintained financial reports.
•    Assisted with preparation of regulatory reports adhering to regulations and instructions.
•    Prepared audit work papers, provided documentation and explanations.
•    Coordinated with other departments in maintaining the accuracy of activities being posted in the general ledger.
•    Assisted with the development of workflows and policies and procedures.

ERP/SAP Implementation Experience & Prepare Final Account.

•    Main task design & structure of accounting set up or flow of each modules (ERP Oracle Financial accounting System 11i & Silverlite) & also implementation of ERP.

•    Manage & control software accounting system environment ERP as per the standard, Review & checked Accounts ledgers, General ledger and Trail balance          reconciliation with bank statement.
•    All transaction of the organization is to be maintaining as per the environment of international accounting standard.
•    System Audit by ERP and all transaction approved in system for further process like, receipt & payment and manual audit.
•    All these module transaction posted by system command for more result or impact for further reporting system like. GL, T.B, and others.
•    Attend meetings finance committee as a member & also attend the meeting with bankers & leasing companies & auditors of the firm.
•    Manage & Control all the task/ objectives which assigned by the board.
•    Reporting (Manual/ over head projector/ Presentation) to the Director & General Manager Finance regarding the financial issues of the organization.
•    Preparation of Final Accounts, and also present to top management. Prepare financial analyses ratio’s and Vertical Horizontal financial analyses.
•    Cash Flow statements, per IAS, Cash Generated and fund flow statement.
•    Prepare Statement of Bank Positions, Receivable and Payable position.
•    Statement of Receipt and Payment accounts.
•    Prepare Future Profitability Statement of the company for decision making.

Senior Taxation / VAT Experience

•    Dealing with the preparation and submission of Tax /VAT returns on a monthly & Quarterly basis
•    Preparing and presenting the financial data in support of the internal program reviews, customer reviews, and analysis on special requests from customers
•    Preparing the reports to reflect the period of performances, periodical invoices, and expenditure statements in respect of each contract
•    Maintaining accurate accounts and records of the company and dealing with financial irregularities and taking remedial measures to rectify the same
•    Acting as a liaison officer with the banks and other financial institutions on behalf of the company
•    Supervising the performance of junior accountants and other staff and advising them for further improvement in their work culture
•    Preparation of budgets, monitoring of the profit and loss of the company, and suggesting measures for improvement
•    Preparing and filing of VAT/ Tax returns periodically, without fail
•    Providing advice on tax planning and VAT/Tax
•    Functioning as the head of the team for preparing the tax returns and books of accounts
•    Looking after the management of client and supplier payments
•    Communicating financial issues to the management and staff, who are not related with financial dealings and keeping them in good understanding of the financial positions

Cash Analyst & Controlling Experience

•    Conducting cash flow analysis and preparing a summarized reports relating to cash in-flow and cash out-flow
•    Ensuring regular receipts and payments for the organization is correctly entered into the accounting system
•    Coordinating with debtors and creditors to make certain each transaction takes place in accord with the contractual terms and organizational policies
•    Assisting in preparing summarized financial reports, weekly, monthly & quarterly by performing functions of budgeting and forecasting related to cash transactions.
•    Controlling the standing of cash reserves of the organization.
•    Handle multiple bank accounts and daily cash reconciliation.
•    Monitored cash allocation to each department and performed month-end reconciliation.
•    Researched and reconciled cash related issues in a timely manner.
•    Posted daily cash transaction in to respective accounts.
•    Maintained spreadsheets for daily cash flow.
•    Stopped payment to vendors for late delivery of raw materials.

Work Flow Analyst Experience

•    Developing and documenting field communication content, working method to update previously developed training tools or creating new tools when necessary.
•    Conducting testing of proprietary applications and providing workflow and procedural materials according to established deadline.
•    Own the management of capacity to maintain and improve productivity and occupancy levels of the network.
•    Work with the finance team to provide month end data.
•    Work closely with third parties to understand performance of all contact medium, letters, calls, TTS and email contacts.
•    Maintains accurate local workforce management data.
•    Review previous 12 weeks performance & expected 12 weeks performance across each business area.

Experience as an Internal Auditor

•     Supported in preparing audit reports for presentations
•     Evaluated operational and internal controls procedures to ensure agreement.
•    Audited records to determine liabilities, and compliance with tax laws.
•     Reviewed taxpayer accounts, and carried out audits on-site, by connection, and by summoning taxpayer to the organization.
•    Planning and conducting professional management system audits.
•    Involved in financial reporting, risk management, compliance & integrations.
•    Compiling reports of audit results to management.
•    Promote controls and sound risk management.
•    Draft audit reports for review by the lead auditor and management..
•    Identify any gaps in controls and make practical recommendations.
•    Performing audit assignments in compliance with the Government Internal
•    Audit Standards.
Prepare Business Plan Budgeting CAPEX and Controlling Experience

•    Prepare & assist organization Budget CAPEX and business plan with consolidation other organization’s business units.
•    Analyze budget CAPEX proposals, financial reports and expenditures, and develop recommendations for budget allowances.
•    Monitor departmental expenditures to ensure proper allocation of budgeted funds on a monthly basis.
•    Complete Quarterly analysis and provide information for all necessary budget adjustments.
•    Process of budget revisions.
•    Act as a liaison between the Budget Office and the Accounting Office.
•    Assist in Open Records Request as needed.
•    Process the creation of Budget Development worksheets in Oracle Financial Accounting System.
•    Compile necessary documentation for annual audit support as needed.
•    Analyze resource requests from senior plant managers and provide recommendations to senior leadership on the financial viability of the proposals.
•    Prepare budget and financial briefings to internal senior leadership (Director Finance, Managing Director and Board of Directors.
•    Assist in the preparation of future year budget requests, ensuring operating plans are strategically aligned to organization’s mission, strategic requirements, and performance goals.
•    Assisted with various Federal and State reports weekly, monthly & yearly including use tax, and categorical expenditure reports

Experience in ERP System (Oracle Financial 11i):            
National Database & Registration Authority NADRA
2001 to 2006: Accountant             
Reporting to: Regional Manager Finance & Accounts

    Payable Module (Invoicing & Billing)

•    Creation of supplier on payable module, cost centre, invoice & payment, creation of account head for entry and prepares JV’s PV’s and invoices.
•    Paid tax for supplier excluding GST, because GST include in invoice.
•    It is very important work on payable module reconciliation & maintain cash book with system cheque book.
•    All transaction transfer to general ledger after critical adjustment. Running of reports.
•    Transfer of all expenses of capital work in progress and assets clearing to Fixed Assets module.
•    Payable module reconcile with General ledger module.
•    Generate of each supplier payment reports.

    Receivable Module (Receipt Voucher)

•    Prepare receipt vouchers then compile all branches MFCR (Monthly Fee Collection Reports) with bank statement and all collection put in receivable module.Special comparative report of payables and receivables for controlling the expenditure.
•    Reconcile the regional head quarter income with Branches & region income with Head quarter.

    Payroll Module ( Salary Sheet)

•    Annual increment, increase of salary of the person, Deduction of employee other advances.
•    Consolidated Salary and report (Cross checking of the salary sheet), Branch Wise salary summary and report.
•    Special report for top Management like (annual, monthly, branch wise, head office wise salary expense).
•    Special reports run for accounting purpose payroll ledger expense transfer to GL (General Ledger). 

    Fixed Assets Module

•    All expenses of CWIP (Capital work in progress) & Assets clearing are transfer through payable module to Fixed Asset module by report create mass addition report.
•    Assets record with full information after physical audit & report generate of all assets.
•    Record purchase of acquisition of assets. Proper costing of assets calculate depreciation after deferred taxation, standard rate are define with system.
•    Run depreciation report of all assets & assets posted report for generate assets number of assets.
•    CWIP expenditure transfer to Assets clearing Account and further transfer to Capitalization as Assets by Fixed assets module or ADI.
•    Inventory & Assets control System prepare by the ERP system. All Issuance & purchase of inventory record on ERP system.
•    All issuance & dispose of assets record with system and calculate gain or loss.

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