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Soy Licenciada en Informatica Administrativa, tengo experiencia profesional en varios ambitos, facturación, compras, logistica y distribución, ventas.
En mi último empleo me desarrollé en el área comercial, tuve que dejar mi carrera profesional en Mexico para mudarme a vivir con mi esposo quién vive en Estados Unidos.
Por el momento me gustaría tener libertad de tiempo, por lo que me gustaría seguir otorgando mis servidios profesionales desde mi espacio en coordinación con mis otras actividades.
Se que puedo seguir creando proyectos desde este nuevo estilo de trabajo.
Let's create together!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Administration and Computer Science, I have experience in various fields, billing, purchasing, logistics and distribution, sales.
In my last job I developed in the commercial area, I had to leave my professional career in Mexico to move to live with my husband who lives in the United States.
At the moment I would like to have freedom of time, so I would like to continue granting my professional services from my space in coordination with my other activities.
I know that I can continue creating projects from this new style of work.
Let's create together!
Historia laboral
Jun 2012 - January 2016, Comerlat, S.A de C.V, Mexico, Distrito Federal.
        July 2014 – January 2016, Sales Director

-    Responsible of the areas of sales, engineering biometrics and bidding of projects.
-    Responsible of prices of sales and purchasing.
-    Responsible of maintaining equipment sold.
-    Responsible for having in order all the steps to prepare a competitive bid.
-    Prepared, proofread and finalized all documents for the CEO and the Owner of the company.
-    Promoted and introduced new products to the Health Institutions.
-    Finding new suppliers and creating relationships within the market.
-    Market investigation for new and ongoing projects.
-    Contributed to the development of the company Web site.
-    During my last year in Comerlat, we sold 10 million dollars of sales by bid that we won in 2014, and over 2 million dollars within my department.

Jun 2012 – March 2014, Operations Manager
-    Responsible of the areas of Invoicing, warehouse, purchases and logistics and distribution.
-    Negotiations for the best cost.
-    Arranged and coordinated the most efficient route to deliver the products.
-    In control of emergency situations to support and transport medical products.
-    Authorization of purchasing to have the appropriate stock of the products in the warehouse.
-    Report information of deliveries to the people of the interest in the company.

2008 – 2012 (Human Development and Dancer for the Folklorico Ballet of Mexico, and Contemporary Dancer)

August 2004 – November 2007, Coordinator of Customer Service, AGC Automotive Mexico, S.A de C.V., Jalisco, Mexico.
-    Responsible of customer service.
-    Taking care about all the concerns of the customers.
-    Responsible of all the statistics information of sales.
-    Responsible of the analysis of prices.
-    Responsible of invoices.
-    Analysis to achieve the best possible margins of products from the clients.
-    Monitoring of the sales staff and people of the floor.
-    Responsible for various accounts receivable duties.
-    Planning of purchasing and receiving products locally and internationally.
-    Responsible of logistics and distribution.
-    Responsible of the warehouse and the inventory

December 1999 – August 2004:
Assistant  Director, Win & Win S.A de C.V, Gdl., Jalisco, Mexico.
-    Responsible of the merge with Nestle, Envases de Plásticos de Guadalajara, Grupo Lorena S. A de C.V (Hersheys), Chupa Chups Industrial Mexicana, Simas Industrial (from Brazil), Montes (from Brazil).
-    Control of proprietary information.
-    Marketing information.
-    Purchasing.
-    Invoicing.
-    Collections.
-    In charge of introducing potential new taste testing of products to the public.

May 1998 – December 1999
Analyst of Sales, Grupo Lorena S.A de C.V, Gdl., Jalisco, Mexico.
-    Responsible of sales reports.
-    Elaboration to different kinds of executive sales reports.
-    Analysis and comparative of information.

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