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Hey there,

I'm Marco, a self-taught front-end developer. I am also a Business Management student and passionate about the work I do. Brazilian from the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, I moved to Stockholm on June/2017.

I started my developer journey on may/2017. Having an entrepreneurial vein, I was looking for a growing market/career path to follow in my life. I knew I wanted to make a difference, even though I was unsure on how. That was until I found coding.

Coding has changed my life. Since day one, which was 5th of May, I have been coding pretty much every single day. When not writing code, I'm reading about code or the development career in general, by blogs, Twitter or Youtube channels.

I learned English in 1,5 year without ever studying in school. I learned how to play guitar by myself in 2 months. Spanish, bartending flair, cooking and other less-important skills are some of the things I hide under my tool-belt.

Right now, more than learning any language, I am focusing my strength on learning to be a developer. How to think like a dev, how to Google like a dev, and most important of all, how to solve problems like a dev. Languages come and go, there is probably one new language or framework being created as I write this text. The most important thing in a developer role is, in my opinion, the ability to learn and keep improving. Breaking down problems and solving them on a daily basis.

I will not stop and I will continuously learn.

Check out my personal portfolio:
github/marconmbrito | twitter/@marconmbrito

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