Jaime G. L. freelancer experto en SEO, AdWords de Google, Programación Web, Tiendas virtuales (ecommerce), Estrategia de Marketing

Jaime G. L.

Founder & Managing Director

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Programación y Tecnología

Sobre mí
Young entrepreneur, at 28 years old I’ve had 3 successful experiences of company creation: Lychee Bags, a women handbags and accessories company; and 2 digital agencies, Kolectivo Studio and Tactica SM.

Armed with an BBA from a prestigious private university and 4 years of experience in an international company, but -first and foremost- with a true passion for innovation and technology, I set up myself to try and learn by accepting the risks of entrepreneurship in a challenging market such as Colombia.

What drives me the most today is the opportunity of accelerating social engagement in digital media channels, by leveraging technology, quality of content and a fine understanding of business’ needs and their market.

At heart, I’m a community builder, an innovator and creative thinker.

Key skills:

- Content Manager.
- Social Media Marketing.
- Agile Scrum training.
- CMS Developer & Responsive Design.
- Growth Marketing.
- Brand Digital.
- Consumer Mobility.
- Measurement, analysis and optimization.
- Google Adwords.
- SEO Tools.
- E-Logistics.
Historia laboral
* Táctica SM: Knowing new commercial sectors, different business ventures, and establishing commercial strategies to meet their unique needs, has achieved to bring me to know different types of knowledge.

Our clients trust us, fulfilling their Kpi's.

- Management and commercial management of the whole company.
- Customer catch, retention and maintenance.
- Development of Online Marketing, E-Commerce strategies and Social Media Ads.
- Study and understand the client's market to establish the best marketing strategies to provide the lowest cost with the highest possible yield.
- SEO consulting.
- Brand development, traffic increase on website, web interface for web user.
- Development of brand strategies.
- Adwords Search, Display and Video.
- Social Media Marketing and developer.
- Hyperlocal Advertising.
- Mail Marketing campaigns.

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