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Sobre mí
Computer Sciences Engineer adept at application development,
testing and optimization. Excels at PHP, Javascript, HTML5, XML, CSS3, Web development,
C++, C#, Software design, OLAP and Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Database design, and Server Admin.
Bring superior design and debugging capabilities, innovative problem solving skills and dedication to quality.
Historia laboral
Purposebuilt Software | USA
Full Stack Developer  June 2017
•    Develop web SPA Software using PHP, Laravel Framework, MVC Architectural Pattern, VueJs, JQuery, Bootstrap, Git, MariaBD.
Sifizsoft s.a | Quito, Ecuador
Full Stack Developer Mar 2015 – June -2017
•    Develop Software in C#, MVC 4 and MVC 5, AngularJS, Entity Framework, LinQ, JQuery, SQL Server, recently I´m working with Angular2, .NET Core MVC, NodeJS, and tools like Gulp, Less, NPM.
•    Develop Libraries for E-Money environment in Ecuador.
•    Develop Integrator Services for Financial Enterprises.
•    Develop software to manage enterprises software process in Sifizsoft s.a.
•    Develop different tools for security in Banking environment.

Freelance Experience|Cuba
Freelance Software Developer May 2011 – January 2015
•    Developing a web application for selection of professionals, through surveys and tests. (PHP, Joomla, Flipping Book, CSS3, HTML5).
•    Development of a web application to art galleries. (PHP, Javascript, Joomla, Flipping Book, CSS3, HTML5)
•    Development of a web application to a multi-level network of friends for special deals to restaurants. (HTML5, Javascript, Joomla, CSS3, HTML5, online payment BBVA)
•    Developing a web application for online auctions. (HTML5, Javascript, Joomla, CSS3, HTML5, online payment PAYPAL)
•    Development component of money transfers. (HTML5, Javascript, Joomla, CSS3, HTML5, online payment PAYPAL)
•    Development of web application for reservation in restaurants. (HTML5, Javascript, Joomla, CSS3, HTML5, online payment PAYPAL, Foro)
•    Development of web application for social network events. (HTML5, Javascript, Symphony2.x, CSS3, HTML5, Chat, Photo gallery)
•    Development of components for extraction of information from the web. (PHP)
•    Development of educational materials.(HTML5, Javascript, CSS3)
•    HTML5 game development. (HTML5, Javascript, CSS3)
•    Development of web application for managing court cases. (HTML5, Javascript, Joomla, CSS3, HTML5, online payment PAYPAL)

Computer Sciences University | Carretera a San Antonio de los Baños, Km. 2 ½. Torrens, municipio de La Lisa. La Habana, Cuba.
Software Developer February 2005 – July 2009
•    Worked as Team Member of the SUA (Unique Customs System) Project.
•    Developed components for the electronic receipt of customs.
•    Developed nomenclators components.
•    Analysis and design of software for the control of persons at border.
Software Engineer September 2009 – January 2013
•    Software Development Control People borders.
•    Software Development Control Transportation in borders.
•    Software Development for selectivity in customs.
•    Head of the development of GINA project.
•    Professor in University (Physic, Artificial Intelligence)

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