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Sobre mí
Ingeniero de software full-stack, he trabajado en desarrollo web por más de 5 años, en front-ent y back-end. También tengo experiencia en Java, Python, C#, .Net, desarrollo en Android, base de datos relacionales y no relacionales, entre otra gran variedad de tecnologías y lenguajes de programación. Me gusta investigar y mejorar constantemente en todos los sentidos. enfrentar retos y ayudar a las personas a través de la tecnología. En mi tiempo libre me gusta leer, practicar senderísmo, hacer ejercicios y jugar video juegos.
Historia laboral
Enmanuel Oviedo Ramírez 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ema42/
Skype: enm.oviedo

    2010 - 2013
    Bachelor's degree in computer engineering, Tecnológico de Costa Rica.
    2007 - 2009
    Medium technician in ecological tourism,  CTPU,  Alajuela, Costa Rica.
    2004 - 2009
    High school, CTPU, Alajuela, Costa Rica.
    Mother tongue
    Advanced  (listening, speaking, writing).
About me
Full stack software engineer, I have worked in web development, front-end and back-end for +5 years, I also have experience in C#, Java, Python and Android development. I love to investigate and improve myself constantly in every way, facing challenges and looking always for more. In my free time I enjoy reading, trekking, strength training and dancing.

Professional experience
.Net Sofware Engineer At Quenti Technologies / October 2017 - June 2018

Working in the back-end side of a cloud based financial project. My responsibilities are develop of new features, enhance of existing features, database maintenance, bug fixing, metadata creation for generic UI screens, documentation and test of functionalities. Technologies: Visual Studio, Azure, SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis, Postman, Entity Framework, .Net, LINQ, WCF, Teams, Git, Visual Studio Team Services.

Freelance / March 2018
Soccer Pools
This was a freelance project worked for a client in Colombia. My work was about develop a collection of improvements to one existing project. The done tasks were developing new filters in order to retrieve matches soccer and users points in detail, deployment of the project in a cloud web server, persistence of data in a data base, translation to spanish through resources documents, enhance the extra bets options and storage sencitive information like user photos in a Amazon S3 Bucket. Technologies: Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, PostgreSQL, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Heroku, Amazon S3, IntelliJ IDEA.

Personal Project / Febrero 2018 - March 2018
This is a personal project, developed with the purpose of selling cosmetics and other kind of fashion products. It is being developed using DJango, Bootstrap and Turn.js frameworks. This project is being hosted in Heroku, it is important to mention that it is still in development, however you can visit the webpage here.  Technologies: Python, Bootstrap, Django, Heroku, Turn.JS, PyCharm and PostgreSQL.

Freelance / September 2017       

The Selector - Migration
This was a freelance project migration worked for a client in Argentina. The project was about a web based video game, written originally using PIXI.js as a main framework and the migration was to Phaser.js. This was done in order to be compatible with the client platform where the game will be embedded. The game also was need to be adapted to responsive design. We implemented Scrum in the development process, for the code versioning control we used Git and as an IDE I decided to use WebStorm. Technologies: PIXI.js, phaser.js, lodash.js, howler.js, bootstrap.css, CSS3, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, MAMP, SourceTree, WebStorm, Responsive design.

Software Engineer at GNE Corp. S.A. / January 2016 – September 2017

Working in database design and programming, development and testing of projects oriented to business intelligence, projects maintenance and data analysis through Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS).

The following are projects that I have been part along this time:

Medidor IPG - Migration
This was a HMI module migration, the migrated module was originally written in Python and this was migrated to Web version with the purpose of accessing the HMI from everywhere, even mobile platforms, so it was needed to be responsive design. The new source code was written in ASP.NET and SQL Server, the IDE used for this migration was Visual Studio.
I was the main developer in this migration. Technologies: Python, ASP.Net, SQL Server, Visual Studio.

Traceability System
This project was developed for BorgWarner. It consists in a specialized system for the traceability of the production cycle of car starters. The system was developed on the Ignition platform, using Python programming language and SQL Server for data management and control. The system also has a set of reports, which were developed using the Microsoft Reporting Services Platform.
My work in this project was the development of the database and the main logic of the system. Technologies: SSRS, SQL Server, Python, Ignition.
Statistical Process Control Module (SPC)
This module was developed for the company Grupo Herdez.
It is a set of web pages developed for the consulting and edition of statistical data. It was built using the TrakSys platform. Using ASP. NET and SQL Server for data management and control.
I was the main developer of the complete module. Technologies: ASP.Net, SQL Server, C#, TrakSys.
Medidor IPG
It is a system developed for the measurement of OEE in production lines, analyzing multiple factors with the purpose of generating indicators for the evaluation of productivity.

This project was developed on the Ignition platform, using Python programming language and SQL Server for data management and control. In this project I have collaborated with maintenance and extension of functionalities. Technologies: Python, Ignition, SQL Server.

Rastreability System
This project consists in a desktop application specialized in tracking processes of mixes and transformations through its production cycle,  knowing in this way the materials involved in the development process, among other statistical data. The system was developed on the Ignition platform, using Python programming language and SQL Server for data management and control.

I was the main developer of the system logic, I also participated in the creation of SSRS reports. Technologies: SQL Server, Ignition, Python, SSRS.

Software Engineer at Fair Play Labs / July 2013 – December 2015

Working in analysis, software design, programming, implementation, testing and maintenance of videogames. Used Technologies: Unity3D, C#, Android, Jenkins, Bamboo, Jira, Phaser, HTML5, Javascript, Bootstrap. I worked on the following projects:


Cengage Math
This is a web project, developed in outsourcing way for Mightyplay, for the final client: Cengage. Its objective is take to students that haven’t finished their high school studies, an interactive way of learning and practicing math. In this project I worked on a video games module. Technologies: Phaser, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, JIRA as a task controller.

Interactive Book
This project was a native module developed for ABCMouse, It was programmed for both Android and IOS. It consists in an interactive book, narrated and animated. I participated in the Android development module. Technologies: Cocos2d-x framework, Android.

Disneynature Explore
This was an outsourcing project for Mightyplay. It consists in a video game where the player interacts with 5 animals projected forwards him, individually, through augmented reality. There are four missions for each animal, which involves activities such as call the animal to the scene, feed it, play with it or to clean its habitat and say goodbye. The interaction is through the device microphone, the camera, accelerometer and the gyroscope. This game was developed for IOS. Technologies: C#, Unity3D, Bamboo.

Also I have been part of maintenance and improvements of other titles such as: Doc McStuffins: Time For Your Check Up and Jake’s Never Land Pirate School. Technologies: C#, Unity3D, Jenkins.
Team Project / March – June 2013

Member of Connexa project, as web developer. It consists on an online system that allows to connect trainings / conferences, companies and event rooms or auditoriums. The project was showed in the event Feria de ideas de negocio 2013, San José, Costa Rica. Technologies: Javascript, PHP, CodeIgniter, JQuery, HTML, CSS, mySQL.


Team Project / February – June 2013

I developed a module for production projection for a sale point system; Its main objective was predict inventory necessities that may occur on a specific date according to demand, taking as base consumption patterns. This project was developed with the college, NCQ Solutions S.A. and ACAPAZON company. Technologies: ASP.Net, CSS, Visual Studio, HTML, WCF, EF, SQL Server.

I work in a special assistance at the Tecnológico de Costa Rica. It was about a module for manage the academics programs. Consists in the development of a website where professors can to create, to consult and to give maintenance to courses programs.  Technologies: Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, postgreSQL.

Community / February 2011 – June 2013

Member of: Comunidad de desarrollo de aplicaciones para dispositivos móviles, TEC, San Carlos; with the roll of investigator and video game developer for android, using Unity3d as game engine and Blender as modeling and animation tool.

Through that team, I went:

Prelector in the event COMPDES 2011 at UES, El Salvador, San Salvador, in the project: Entertainment in mobile devices - Introduction to developing video games for android; in this project a 2D game written in Python was migrated to Android, I went part of the investigation and coding process. Technologies: Python, Android.

Prelector in the event COMPDES 2012, at UNAN, León, Nicaragua, in the project: Analysis of Unity 3D and Blender as tools for video games development with a educational focus. For this project was developed an scenery including missions, within of which was possible to see a world in advanced contamination state. I went part of the research, modeling and texturing process in Blender and the scenery development in Unity 3D. Technologies: Unity3D, C#, Blender.

I also participated in the event COMPDES 2013 at Tecnológico de Costa Rica, San Carlos; as lector of the conference: Introduction to video games development: 3D animation with Blender; where a character was modeled, textured and animated. Technologies: Blender.

Extracurricular activities

February 2012 – June 2013

Active member of the: Asociación de Estudiantes de ingeniería en computación (ASEICO), as vowel, participating and organizing activities for all career students.

Skills and knowledge

Coding languages
    Scheme, Java, Python, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, XML, Ajax, VBscript, VBA, PHP, Prolog, Jython.
    PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Firebase, MongoDB.
    .NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, Django, Spring Boot, Cocos2d-x, enchant.
    Bootstrap, JQuery, Phaser.
    Mobile Development
    Internet Protocols
    Report Generating
    Reporting Services (SSRS).
    Apache, IIS.
    API Development Environment
    Cloud Platforms
    Azure, Heroku
    Virtualization Tools
    VMWare Workstation, VirtualBox, Hyper-V.
    Operating Systems
    Mac OS, Linux, Microsoft  windows  (XP,  Vista,  7,  8, 10), Windows Server.
    Día, Microsoft Visio, Lucidchart.
    Prototype Design
    Balsamiq, Mockflow.
    Microsoft    Visual    Studio,    NetBeans, Eclipse, QT Creator, MonoDevelop, Android Studio, WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, TrakSys, Ignition, PyCharm.
    Versions Controller
    SVN, Git.
    Client Versions Controller
    SourceTree, Versions, Tortoise.
    Graphic Engines
    Unity 3d, Blender.
    Issue Tracking System
    Jira, Trello, Visual Studio Team Services.
    Software Architectural Pattern
    Model View Controller, Layers.
    Software Development Methodology

Incubation skills

I also in my free time like to invest time doing some investigation about new technologies following a tutorial or reading through the web. These are some technologies I’m learning right now.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Angular, REST, SOAP.

Special interests

* Web development
* Database manipulation
* Developing applications for mobile devices
Personal skills

* Proactive
* Honesty
* Punctuality
* Responsibility
* Team work
* Learning quickly
* Quickly adaptable
* Self-taught person
* Interpersonal skills
* Ability to work under pressure
* Ability to solve complex problems
* Ability to work in dynamic environments

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