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I am a professional software developer, with 16 years of experience - 8 of them with java. I have worked with several frameworks (e.g. Struts [1 and 2], Spring, Hibernate [ORM and Search], Lucene, Ant, Maven, Axis, DWR), technologies (e.g. JSP, WebServices, Ajax, JMS, EJB), application servers (e.g. Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic) and RDBMS (e.g. Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, DB2). I also have experience with scripting (e.g. PERL, Javascript) and query (e.g. SQL Ansi, PL/SQL, HQL) languages, and like to learn new languages every so often (currently, I am learning Haskell and Scala, in order to get to know the functional programming paradigm). I have conversational and written skills in english, and have been studying the language for the past 25 years. I am SCJP (1.4), SCJD (1.5), SCBCD (1.3) and SCWCD (1.4) certified. I also worked with Delphi, from 1996 until 2004, when I switched to Java. Having being able to experience multiple programming paradigms (procedural, object oriented and functional) is one of the main things that gives me inspiration to analyse a problem under different aspects and come up with different sets of answers, which is why I love software development.
Historia laboral
Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação (Marketing and Advertising) ////
Initially responsible for maintaing Band's Interactive Midia Platform, which originates from Italy, I was assigned to recreate and design an SMS Management Tool from scratch, entirely local. This project was used witch success for the Alertas Futebol Clube midia campaign by Band, where subscribers would receive news and live data regarding their favorite teams. For that project, I used JBoss 5.1 as AS, EJB 3.0 + Hibernate on top of MySQL for persistence and Struts + Tiles for the presentation layer, with dwr handling AJAX calls, Quartz 2.0 handling scheduled jobs and google guice for dependency injection. Maven 2 was used for build + deployment control. After the initial phase of this project, I was assigned to a different platform, namely ONEPay - which works with credit recharge for celular phones via credit card, availabile through URA / WEB / SMS, fixing old problems and introducing new things such as fraud detection and partner integration.

    Samsung (Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing) // - desde 11/2010//
Working for Samsung, I dealed with embedded software such as lwuit (Light Weight User Interface), which is the java interface for DTV, by fixing old components and developing new ones from scratch, following official guidelines. Since it was a totally new project, it was a wonderful challenge to create a platform entirely from beginning to end.

    Motorola (Telecommunications) // - desde 2/2010//
Working at Motorola, I had the opportunity to develop the JFCS x Prisma system, which consisted in a platform designed to be a 'bridge' between two applications that should exchange information, importing and exporting data amongst themselves. I did the analysis and the architecture of the system, and for that I used Struts 2 for MVC pattern tied with Tiles 2; I also used dwr for Ajax requests and Hibernate for the ORM on top of Oracle. Spring 2 + Tomcat 6 did the transaction / IOC / server part.

    Stefanini IT Solutions (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 2/2009//
Working for Bancoob in Brasilia, I had the opportunity to develop the SGD (Performance Management System) platform from scratch, doing the analysis / architectural planning, and to work on the SCCH (Checkbook Validation System) platform, by introducing new features and fixing previous bugs.

    CESAR (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 2007//
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