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Costa Rica
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With 10 years experience in SEO and Digital Marketing, I created and led campaigns in Costa Rica, United States, Mexico, Italy, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

I worked as a consultant to various agencies worldwide as: Digital Mind in Italy, Danilo Black in Mexico, AKQA in U.S., TBWA in Costa Rica, Roiker in Costa Rica and TEAH Digital Costa Rica to name a few.

I've been a lecturer in events like Mashable Meetup Costa Rica 2010, Joomla Night and Drupal Night After; and also in universities as UCR and TEC (Costa Rica).

Some of the brands I've worked with so far are:
• Audi (USA)
• Fiat (USA)
• Pure Water (USA)
• Il Gufo (Italy)
• Ballin Shoes (Italy)
• Viakon (México)
• Diario Panorama (Venezuela)
• Almacenes Casa Blanca (Costa Rica)
• Dos Pinos (Costa Rica)
• Sansa Airline (Costa Rica)
• Terramall (Costa Rica)
• Pinturas Lanco (Costa Rica)
• USAM - Univeridad San Marcos (Costa Rica)
• Café Montaña (Costa Rica)
• Café Rey (Costa Rica)
• Grupo Ecoquintas (Costa Rica)
• Nike (Costa Rica)

Currently, I work as founder member of SayWhaat!, a digital marketing agency, and as an independent consultant.

Added to all this, I have over 3 years experience as a teacher of the Instituto Tecnológico Costarricense (TEC) for the SEO and Web Marketing courses.

My blog:
http://seo.dyegoramos.com (Spanish)

Certified Inbound Marketing Professional by Inbound Marketing University.
Certified Inbound Marketing Educator by Inound Marketing University.

Some of my specialties are: SEO, Social Media, Internet Marketer, Inbound Marketing Professional, WebDesigner, Joomla and Drupal Specialist.
Historia laboral
* SayWhaat!

* CyberU: Desarrollo del programa para el curso de Neuromarketing. Dar las bases necesarias para que las personas entiendan y puedan aplicar de manera general el Neuromarketing a sus estrategia de mercadeo.

* Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (Enseñanza superior)

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