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Software Engineer with extensive experience working on analysis, development, planning, execution and management of successful software development and software QA projects with both local and US corporations, using top-level technologies such as MS .NET v2.0/3.5/4 and Java J2EE, and Web based technologies such as AngularJS, Wordpress and Drupal, combined with usage of proven standards for Project Management.

I have worked with important companies located in the US, including LeapFrog, PointServe, IIT Corporation, Ingrian Networks, PushToTest, Vital Insight and netSpray.  I also have experience with local corporations, most of them from the Bank and Financial business.

I'm interested in Research & Development, Open-Source technologies, Project & Process Management, Technology, Marketing and Business Administration, I also enjoy learning new technologies and programming languages, plus any other business fields where the IT solutions work as an engine to help perform it in a faster and better way.

I got a Master's Degree in Computer Sciences, and I'm currently finishing a Master's Degree in Project Management.  After these, I expect to get another master's degree, but in this case in something related with Business Administration, such as an MBA.

Also, I'm a College Teacher in the Computer Sciences School of the University of Costa Rica, one of the finest and more demanding Universities in Costa Rica.  I'm currently teaching "WebServices and SOA" to advanced students in the Bachelor's Degree program of this university.

Specialties: Java and Java-based APIs for J2EE, C, C++, CLI/C++, HTML, JavaScript, Wordpress, PHP, XML, XSL, XQuery, SOAP, MS .NET v1.1 & 2.0 (VB.Net, C# and ASP.Net), Perl. WebSphere AS and Application Developer, Struts, Ant, Tomcat, Log4J, Hibernate, Eclipse, JBoss, Axis, JAX-RPC, XML Security, WebServices Security Standard, Microsoft WSE for .NET, Microsoft Application Blocks, Sun JWSDP, MS SQL Server 2005, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Perl, CometD, Selenium, Git
Historia laboral
* Led DevOps Engineer - Performance Matters
* QA Automation Architect - Performance Matters
* Software Engineer / Senior Automation Engineer -
* Scrum Master / Senior Java Developer - Growth Acceleration Partners

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