Brian A. N. A. freelancer experto en JavaScript, Programación Web, React.js

Brian A. N. A.

Full-stack Web Developer. JavaScript Developer.

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Sobre mí
I build Single Web Page and Web Applications with technologies like React, Express, Webpack, Gulp, SASS, SuitCSS and more.
I am a JavaScript Developer.
I work with Stacks like MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular 4 & Node) and MERN  (MongoDB, Express, React & Node).
I do Unit Testing with Mocha, Jest, Jasmine & Karma.

  “Front-end”: {
    “Vanilla JavaScript”,
    “EcmaScript 6-*”,
    “React Router”,
    “CSS”: {
      “Tools”: {
      “Frameworks”: {
        “Bootstrap 4”,
  “Back-end”: {
  “Tools”: {
    “Webpack 2”,
    “npm scripts”,
    “Editor Config”
  “Control Management System”: {
  “Unit Testing”: {
  “Other Technologies”: [“PHP”, “Ruby”, “C”, “C++”, “Vagrant”]
Historia laboral
Fundación Learny: Full-stack Web Developer. June 2017- Presently.
I build Web Application with Stack MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular 4, Node). This project is focused on the use of companies so that they can observe the outcome of the training of their workers above on a topic in specific.

All My Experience. 2015-Presently.
All my experience is by self-taught knowledge.
I build a Single Page with HTML5, CSS or SASS, Responsive Web Design, Gulp with Browsersync and Vanilla JS (ES6-*). I build a Web Application with React and React Router for client-side and for server-side I use Node with Express. In my portfolio you will find the my personal projects that I'm currently working.

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