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I specialize in JavaScript.
I development:
- Web Sites
- User Interfaces
- Web Applications

I am currently studying and working as a web developer.
And I dedicate the rest of my time to improve my skills and create my own projects.
I am passionate about programming and a person very dedicated to their projects.
I love learning, reading and learning about new things not only about programming, although I currently dedicate more time to this.
I enjoy philosophy, literature, poetry, physics, theater and being surrounded by the people I love.
I am looking for a job where the challenges are great, with an excellent work environment and a job where I can improve.
Historia laboral
Full-stack Web Developer
Nombre de la empresaFundación Learny
jun. de 2017 – ago. de 2017
I build Web Apps with Express for the Server-side and React.
My Stack of technologies for this job is MERN (MongoDB, Express, React & Node).
I use Chart.js for represent data in graphics.
I maintain Web sites and applications using technologies such as Express for API consumption and also for the creation of RESTful API's. I also maintain applications made with Angular.js.

Red Habitat: Full-stack Developer
August 2017 – Presently. Development of the Web platform and Web App for the real estate company Red Habitat.
I work with the Meteor development environment, as well as with npm (Node), using React to elaborate the graphical interface and I use the routes with Flow Router.
I develop API's with Express and Methods (Meteor) and in turn consume them with a Publish (Meteor) and Mongo's methods.
The Database that is used is MongoDB and use as ORM the Meteor / mongo library and I elaborate schemas with simpl-schema.
Implement CRUD API's.
The code is written with ES5 and as a good practice I use ESLint. For React I use PropTypes.
As a framework to give styles use Bootstrap 4 together with jQuery.
I debug the app with the tools for Google Chrome developers and React Developer Tools.
Less is used to work with styles.
The project is developed as a team with a total of 3 members including me, we use GIT for teamwork and by branch and GitHub is used to host the repository in addition to assigning issues and documenting.

All My Experience
All my experience is by self-taught knowledge.
Since two years ago I started to learn to program on my own, I started with PHP and I worked with the Laravel framework. At the same time I started to learn HTML 5 more in depth, in combination of CSS 3 and responsive design, besides working with the box model.
After a while I started working with jQuery and learned the basics of JavaScript.
Then I decided to leave PHP and go the way of JavaScript so I learned Node, mainly with Express and started using npm to manage the packages although I also like Yarn.
At school I learned a little about C and C ++.
I am currently working and I continue to learn Express and React in combination with React Router, in addition to writing code with ES5. And flexbox.
I have only worked with 3 databases Firebase, MongoDB and PostgreSQL but I have more experience with MongoDB.
I am currently learning Ruby thoroughly and I take my first steps with Rails and also with Koajs.
Some of my current trends is to use a lot of Webpack, ESLint, Husky and I follow the trend of Material Design, for this I use Material Design Lite or Materialize.
I do unit test with Mocha and Jest, but nothing advanced.
Other technologies that I have learned are Angular 4 and Angularjs, Gulp, TypeScript and Vagrant.
In terms of operating systems I have experience with Windows, Mac and Ubuntu, although I prefer Mac or Ubuntu.

All Skills
React Router
Boostrap 4 or 3
Material Design Lite

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