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I'm Java / PHP developer with 13 years of experience, motivated and enterprising.
I'm interested in starting a partnership with your structure

I tend to pay close attention to everything that comes to standards, the web-usability,
new technologies that change continuously (see HTML5 and the Web's evolution).

Development according to well defined standards and text my code with unit and functional tests in PHPUnit, lately I'm using "Béhat" ( I always keep portability in mind, both to the browser to the various platforms, desktop and mobile.

In the field of MVC framework, I have a very in-depth experience of Symfony 1.x and 2.x I work with it for the past 5 years,
and I developed (and still developing) also big projects
Mysql and Oracle.

Good knowledge of EzPublish with whom I made ​​a great project for important national institution in the last year

As I prefer JQuery JavaScript library, but I also know prototype.

How versioning system using either SVN and GIT, but I prefer GIT if I had to choose.

I have a strong propensity to work in teams and are also able to coordinate them

I have experience working with major clients such as: ENI energy, Ariston, Unicredit Bank, Sma, Pampers;

Can you find my Cv at:


Roberto Beccaceci
Work history
* Web Developer Freelance (Information Technology and Services)

* Fastservices s.r.l. (Information Technology and Services) [desde 12/2011]

* Adrialab (Information Technology and Services) [desde 6/2003]: Web developer for Ariston's web agency; coded in JSP/JAVA and PHP on MySql/Oracle

* Datamarche s.a.s. (Information Technology and Services) [desde 9/2000]
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