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Applications Producer, Leader of development projects, project manager in a variety of business applications. Particularly interested in Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL Server, BSS, Data Migration. Constant interest in migration projects, in addition to its close interaction with the producers of databases.
In all these cases I have also applied to testing the applications developed or migrated undergoing stress tests products for well deliver a high quality product to the customer.
* Project: "NGBSS Movilnet Venezuela - NGBSS DataBase Migration"
* Project: "Administration Module Petty Cash For Seguros Horizonte"
* Project: "installation and implementation of Oracle Audit Vault"
* Project: "Optimization and Process Architecture Migration Credit Management"
* Project: "Training Project Monitoring and Application Migration to Oracle 10g Oracle 4.5"
* Project: "Improvements Praforca control system trust fund savings Banco Mercantil"
* Project: "Migrating application Praforca control system Savings Trust Fund Banco Mercantil"
* Project: "Migrating application control system Praforca Educational Fund Banco Mercantil"
* Project: "Support and Application Migration from Oracle 4.5 to Oracle 10g Minfra"
* Application development (to XML) which generates from a procedure in Oracle, the XML file for the declaration of income tax for companies Cisneros group.

Specialties: Data Migration, Software Architecture, BSS, oracle 4.5, 6i, 10g, 11g oracle developer, forms, reports, oracle pl / sql, Oracle Audit Vault, peoplesoft erp, crystal reports, sqr, eclipse, enterprise java beans, ibm db / 2, ibm websphere, java, java server pages, javabeans, php, servlets, XML, testing, stress testing
Historia laboral
* Huawei Technologies (Telecommunications): Responsible for NGBSS DataBase Migration.
Act as SPOC on behalf of Migration team, and ensure that analysis, planning and execution of migration activities conforms to project quality standards and overall project triple constraints agreed in the baseline plan.
Contributes for the development of OSS-BSS transformation propositions that enhance customer’s competitive position and business.
Define the detailed Migration Plan
Detailed migration steps
Detail plan for parallel operation
Detailed Concept for Data Conversion
Data Mapping – conversion rules
Planning of CatchUp Phases / Concept to minimize the Business Impact during migration downtimes
Planning and execution of the Migration Tests
Execute Quality Assurance and Risk Management Strategy
Mapping Databases Origin vs Destiny.
Rise of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator).
Analisis of Migration Strategy (Big Bang or Incremental).
Dry Run planning and testing.
Cut Over Planning team member.
Assess and define ETL times.

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