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Jose M. M.

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Redacción y Traducción

Sobre mí
Solido y habil traductor, escritor de articulos contemporaneos y de contenido social.
Responsable, disciplinado pero casual y vanguardista.
Soy una persona que quiere inspirar y crear pasion en la gente por un cambio que mejore la vida de todos los seres humanos.
Soy un ser humano que busca dia a dia diferentes formas de interpretar y reinventar esta jornada magica que se llama " Vida "
Historia laboral
Jose Maria Martinez                                   
C.F.E.  14 # 90  Electra - Edo.Mex.  54060  [ 55] 4476.7588  Skype ID  jmartramlive21                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


    Solid & proved professional.Business Management experienced
    Self driven,great organizational skills, multitasking & flexible
    Fast learner in new areas & good attitude as a team player
    Customer Service & goal oriented.Strong work ethic
    English-Spanish & Portuguese speaking.Travel availability

                                  Bachelor in Business Mgmt.DeVry  Denver,Co ( online )            
                                  Graduate Diploma Vecchio School of Music & Arts.Tenerife, Spain
                                      Graduate Diploma High School. Dutch College .Mexico, City


03-15  to  10-17          Asst. Manager  Gringo Dave’s  Hostel Resort - Riviera Maya
                                      Conduct check-in / check- out procedures,phone reservations,interact
                                      with guests,provide local / regional info,respond to e-mails,assist with
                                      transportation & guest concerns,up-date social media sites & advertise
                                      ment,maintain the Hostel facilities in proper conditions through routine
                                      site inspections,preventative maintenance schedule,inventory levels,
                                      records of expenses & revenues,follow an operational budget.

01-14  to  02-15          Associate Plumber Casey Hyman Plumbing Co. Pensacola,Fl

                                  Commercial Building lay out,installment of PVC pipes and fittings.                   
                                  Study of ground plans to asses material,knowledge on safety procedures,
                                      tool equipment & job site protocols.Work contract lasted 1 full year all                                       
                                      over the state of Texas [ Dallas-Houston-Waco-Austin-San Antonio-Georgetown ]
10-12  to 11-13            Sales Rep. Achadinha Cheese Co. / Azari Winery - San Francisco,Ca.

                                      Artisan Deli cheese & Wine tasting ambassador at Whole Foods & Farmer                                                                                                           
                                  Markets around the bay area.Responsibilities :Support promotion activities
                                      to attract more customers and uplift sales,adhere to the protocols & regu
                                      lations as prescribed by the food industry ,maintain a casual,well informed
                                      audience in a relaxed atmosphere.Guided tours to Petaluma & Sonoma Valley.
01-09  to  09-12          Sales Rep  BLA / UBS Worldwide. Phoenix-Tucson, AZ 
                                    Software Sales,Support & Operational training for customers.Job duties:
                                      Works closely with management to develop an overall account plan to ma
                                      ximize opportunities & generate sales activity with customer leads,
                                      partners and referrals.Growns and maintains existing customer relation
                                      ships through pro-active activity.Achieve /exceed monthly sales targets

10-08  to  01-09          Gallery Sales Associate  Miresco, Inc.  Denver, Co                     

                                    Wall & Art Rugs independent contractor at Linens & Things stores.
                                        Floor sales, inventory, shipping /receiving orders,provides product infor
                                        tion to customers,assist with Gallery events,provide inspiration  in fine
                                        contemporary craft through exhibitions,sales and instruction.Prepare
                                        deposits & daily sales transactions records.

10-05  to  09-08            Asst Manager / Clerk  Hollywood Love Boutique.Denver, Co

                                    Clothing & apparel warehouse USA distributors for Hustle & Playboy.
                                        Job Duties: Sales, accounting & banking, inventory, shipping &
                                        receiving,supervise shift changes among employees,reconciling
                                        payment transactions. Track products,best selling items,conduct the
                                        business areas in order to keep the store running smoothly & safe.

01-05  to  08-05            Regional Sales Promoter First Data / BLA Worldwide.Tucson, AZ

                        POS software sales & demonstration for Retail & Hospitality Industry.
                                        Travel into designated territory  to promote different manangement
                                        Systems,responsible for developing,building & strengthening long-term
                                        relationships with customers,software publishers & partners.
                                        Customized data applications for management offices,health providers,
                                        Inventory control and menus for restaurant,bars & hotels.

02 - 02  to 11-04          Store Manager  Laundromats of Colorado.Denver,Co

                                      Card operated washway laundry.Responsible for store operations,
                                        Employee hiring / training,financial reports ( expenses,revenues,sales
                                        projections,workers payroll,monthly promotions,equipment maintenance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
                                        actively  team work,handle concerns and customer complaints and
                                        maintain top level cleanliness.

01 – 01  to  10 – 01        Floor Steward  Bicycle Casino Bellgardens,Ca.

                                        Customer service accommodation,gamming information,sustain
                                        relationships with the casino guests via personal invitations to
                                        private events,marketing & other activities,answering all guest
                                        queries offering solutions of customer complaints.Up beat & above and
                                        beyond attitude to visitor service.

                                        Personal & work references in USA & Mexico are available upon request

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